Which Team Would Actually Be Dumb Enough To Trade For John Wall?

What Happened?

As the Washington Wizards’ season spirals, the franchise has started to deliver teams an impression that every player on their roster — including All-Star guards John Wall and Bradley Beal — is available for discussion in trade scenarios, league sources told ESPN.

Washington’s preference remains to reshape the team around Wall and Beal, but poor play among key teammates is limiting their trade value and paralyzing the Wizards’ efforts to make meaningful changes to a roster that no longer appears functional together, league sources said.



The Washington Wizards appear to ready to blow it all up after starting this season 5-11. The front office put together a squad of the most unlikable players in the NBA and somehow, they all don’t like each other. Weird. No one could’ve predicted such an outcome.

The problem with blowing this team up is that in order to blow the team up, they’d have to trade John Wall, the player that they were supposed to be building around but instead of continuing to progress, he seems to have hit his ceiling and the end result is a 20 point scorer who can’t shoot that well and doesn’t make the players around him better.

John Wall just signed a 4-year max extension.

He’s owed $169 million through 2023 and if the Wizards trade him this season, there’s a trade kicker that would increase his payment by 15%. The max extension is intended to keep players on the team that drafted them so the penalty is a trade kicker that makes sense on paper but pretty much cripples teams.

So which teams would actually trade for John Wall at this point?

The first one is easy.

I don’t trust the Detroit Pistons. They gave up all of their cap space last season to trade for a washed up Blake Griffin so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did it again this year. Give Detroit all of your former high-flying star players who are currently suffering from knee injuries that stop them from high-flying.

The Phoenix Suns made a pretty interesting decision to have zero point guards on their roster this season and the result is them currently having the worst record in the NBA right now.

They may never win another game. And I don’t even mean this season. Like. Never win a game ever again. They have the money to afford Wall and a bunch of young players he can bully around with no consequence.

But the answer is obvious.

There is one team that has struck out on every free agent and player that’s demanded a trade for years now. They didn’t get Blake Griffin. They whiffed on Gordon Hayward. Didn’t have a chance at Durant. Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler got traded elsewhere. They are desperate for a star and this is their chance to settle.

Everyone welcome John Wall to the Miami Heat. Coming soon.


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