Which Rookie Quarterback Will Have the Biggest Impact This Season?

The days of having your rookie prospect quarterback sit for a couple of seasons behind a proven veteran are long gone. The Green Bay Packers would’ve cut Brett Favre the second they drafted Aaron Rodgers. Jon Kitna would’ve been Carson Palmer’s back up day one. It’s a whole different league these days.

Plus, players can’t really practice as much as they used to in the current NFL because there are rules that are supposed to prevent concussions but everyone in the NFL is already doomed to a life of CTE and brain damage so none of it matters.

Anyway, we can just scratch Mitch Trubisky off of this list. In order to make the biggest ‘impact’, you need to play on a team that is capable of winning more than 3 games this year. Whether it’s Mike Glennon, Mitch Trubisky or even the gawd, Mark Sanchez, the Bears are going to be a dump this season.

By all accounts, Deshaun Watson is the truth. The big concern with these run first star quarterbacks from college is that their talents don’t often translate to the NFL. Look at pretty much every star quarterback Urban Meyer has ever had. NFL scouts immediately want them to convert to receiver or tight end.

But Watson might leapfrog those negative expectations. Even opponents are complimenting, Watson. Drew Brees has just come out and said Watson is ‘as talented as they come’. The Texans defense is going to carry this team again regardless. Tom Savage could start all 16 games and all of the wins will be due to JJ Watt and JaDaveon Clowney eating up offensive lines.

The sleeper pick for biggest impact has to go to DeShone Kizer in Cleveland. The Browns have been the laughing stock for years but I’m a huuuge¬†fan of what’s going on in Cleveland and I don’t just mean shirtless JR Smith’s Hennesey nights.

They are rebuilding the correct way. They are acquiring draft picks and stacking their defense with young athletes. This team is STUFFED with guys who are going to absolutely stress out opposing quarterbacks. Myles Garrett and Jabril Peppers are a PROBLEM. The Cleveland Browns are going to be the most fun 6 win team in NFL history.

But which rookie quarterback will have the biggest impact?

Patrick Mahomes is going to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a late season playoff march that is going to make the world forget that Alex Smith ever even existed. Mahomes is That. Dude. Perhaps I’m biased towards gunslingers but this guy has a cannon attached to his torso and I love a quarterback who just launches balls down the field just to see what happens. Brett Favre back.

Mahomes is by far going to have the biggest impact because the Chiefs are going to need him the most in order to win games this year. The Alex Smith 3 yard pass era is coming to an end. Time to get a QB behind the center that’s going to just close his eyes on third and long and rifle the ball 50 yards downfield. Can’t wait.



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