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Which Players Should the New York Knicks Keep For The 2019-20 Season?

The New York Knicks are the worst team in basketball.

They are historically one of the worst teams ever. This season sucked. You can say they were tanking and blah blah but like, the worst three teams have the same odds at the first pick. The Knicks didn’t need to lose EVERY game. That was a choice they made.

But heading into the summer they’ll have a Top 3 pick and enough cap space for two max contracts which is dangerous if you know the Knicks history with cap space but let’s pretend to be optomstic.

It’s safe to say that this roster will face a serious makeover in the offseason. So lets’ run through the current roster of guys who are all pretty much trying out to survive the rebuild and become members of the potential championship team the Knicks intend on creating.


  • Mitchell Robinson

Every single night, Mitchell Robinson breaks some new rookie record in either blocks or rebounds. Everything that Patrick Ewing and Kristaps Porzingis did in the Garden is being erased by the best shot blocker in the NBA.

  • Damyean Dotson

With the evolution of the game and positionless basketball has come the end of the shooting guard position. Look around the Eastern Conference. Who are the Top 5 shooting guards? Brad Beal. Victor Oladipo. JJ Redick. Marcus Smart? Danny Green? Damyean Dotson??

  • Allonzo Trier

Allonzo Trier has a long career ahead of himself providing off the bench scoring like Lou Williams. Don’t be shocked if Trier signs his first big deal with the Knicks and immediately starts dating two girls like he’s Lou Will.

  • Noah Vonleh

Noah Vonleh is the ultimate role player. He is a swiss army knife capable of doing whatever the coaches ask of him. If they need him to protect the rim, he’ll step up and defend Andre Drummond. If they need him to score, he’ll turn into Blake Griffin out of nowhere and drop 20 and 10 with three 3’s. You keep a guy like that. Every single time.

*Shrug* Give Them One More Year To Prove Themselves

henry ellenson
  • Kevin Knox

Yes, Knox is the youngest player in the NBA and it’s way too early to pull the plug on his New York Knicks career. He’s also statistically both the worst shooter and defender in the NBA. In the entire NBA. Knox is the worst.

This might be the last summer his trade value is this high before teams realize that he’s the next Andrew Wiggins.

  • Luke Kornet

Luke Kornet is fearless. Any time you see a bench player wearing a facemask it’s because they put their entire effort into a really dumb play that a star player would never. See every Ron Baker highlight.

Give Kornet one more year to stretch the floor, hit 3’s and battle with guys like Joel Embiid. He probably sucks but let’s just be sure.

  • Henry Ellenson

Future MVP** Henry Ellenson. He score in bunches off the bench. Why not pay him the minimum for another year. He’s a fine 12th player.

Trade Their Ass

  • Frank Ntilikina

It’s super clear that David Fizdale doesn’t give a fuck about this young man. The organization hates him because Phil Jackson wasted a draft pick on him. It’s a damn shame because he seems nice as hell and a hard worker but unfortunately, the New York Knicks front office want to dump his body in the Hudson River.

Let Frank roam free elsehwhere. He deserves a chance to play and be appreciated. Sure, he can’t score a bucket but he tries hard. Free Frank.

  • Dennis Smith Jr.

It would be foolish to assume that the Knicks are signing Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker. Nothing about the Knicks should inspire top players to want to be here.

So perhaps trading away both Frank and DSJ makes no sense but I’ve seen enough of Dennis to know that he’s too bad to be as aggressive as he is. He’s Steve Francis back. Nah, b. The New York Knicks are better off trying to acquire a guy like Mike Conley over keeping Baron Davis 2.0.


  • Emmanuel Mudiay

Mudiay is incredibly tough to watch because in transition, he’s the most confident point guard in the world. He turns into John Wall on the fastbreak. In the half court, however, he cannot stop himself from throwing passes directly into the hands of the defense. It’s his favorite thing in the world. He LOVES turning the ball over more than he loves fresh clean air to breath.

  • DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan is only 30-years old but he’s the most stiff human being you will ever see on a basketball court. He moves in slow motion and rarely puts any effort in. See Ya.

  • Lance Thomas

Lance Thomas has been on the Knicks since 1972. Let’s put an end to this mediocrity. The rebuild will officially end when Thomas is no longer wearing a Knicks jersey. If Carmelo Anthony isn’t in the league, Lance Thomas sure as hell should be sitting at home too.

Give Them The Max

mario hezonja
  • Mario Hezonja

A king.

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