Which NFL Teams Need A Rebrand?

Keeping a sports team’s image current and fresh is essential for winning over new fans. Every few years, it can therefore benefit teams to rebrand themselves – this could involve changing mascots, logos, uniforms and even team names. Below are five NFL teams that are in need of a rebrand. 

Washington Football Team

Washington Football Team have a very loyal fan base – you’ll find many sports bloggers online such as Stephen Troese Jr showing their support. However, of all the teams in the NFL, they arguably have the worst image problem right now. Their racist Native American branding and recent sexual harassment allegations have made them a target of criticism. Last year, they finally dropped their offensive ‘Redskins’ name in favor of the rather dull but preferable Washington Football Team, along with getting rid of their old logo and mascot. A full rebrand seems likely in 2021, including possible new colors and uniforms. 

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs made it all the way to the Super Bowl – which may lead some people to wonder why they need a rebrand. Like Washington Football Team, the issue comes down to their usage of Native American symbolism. Efforts were made last year to ban headdresses and warpaint in stadiums and the team’s Tomahawk Chop war chant has been called into questions. Some social activists are even urging the team to change their name to fully be rid of the Native American elements. The team should keep their iconic red uniform, however the Native American aspects do need rethinking. 

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins updated their uniform and logo only a few years ago to mixed reactions. While their new look isn’t bad, it does feel like a serious downgrade compared to the iconic teal uniforms that they were identified with in their glory days. Now could be the perfect time to return to this classic uniform – the team now boast star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and are in the perfect position to attract new fans. 

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals also have a new young quarterback Joe Burrow. They’ve also recently parted ways with coach Marvin Lewis. Now seems like the ideal time to go out with the old and in with the new. They can keep their helmets, but the rest of their uniforms (which haven’t been updated since 2004) are in need of rebranding. Get rid of the tiger stripes and replace the ‘B’ logo with a tiger. 

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have used the same logo and uniform since 1996. While they’ve had a lot of success within that time, a rebrand is overdue. The question is: what would a rebrand for the Eagles look like? They’ve sported some great one-off uniforms over the last few years that have maintained the classic colors of the team. This post from Patrick LaPorte suggests a few good ideas as to how the team may be able to rebrand (the Kelly green jersey seems like an exciting option).

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