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Which New York Yankees Deserve To Play In The 2019 MLB All-Star Game?

The 2019 MLB All-Star Game is right around the corner. As of right now, the Yankees are 2.5 games ahead of Tampa Bay in the AL East and they have the fourth best record in all of baseball.

Needless to say, this team is loaded with stars that deserve to be acknowledged with an All-Star selection. If it were up to me, all 25 players on the roster would make the team but I’ll pretend to be unbiased here.

So which Yankees deserve to play in the 2019 MLB All-Star game?

The first obvious choice is a bit of a cheat but it’s Edwin Encarnacion. He’s leading the league in home runs and he’s forth with 50 RBIs. He’s the best designated hitter in baseball and second place isn’t even close.

And look at that, one of those 22 homers came in pinstripes. Thank you, Seattle. I hope Juan Then is decent or whatever.

The next obvious choice is Gary Sanchez, the best catcher in baseball (also the best ever).

With 20 bombs and 45 RBIs, Sanchez is having the best statistical season on the team and he’s making last year’s season where he batted .186, look like it wasn’t him out there. It was two kids standing on each other’s shoulders inside of a Sanchez jersey.

Now, if the American League intends on winning this game, there’s one player that NEEDS to make the team:

DJ LeMahieu the RSIP GAWD.

Aroldis Chapman is third in the AL with 19 saves and he could easily have the most saves by July 9th when this game is played. I hate this man on a very human personal level buuuut he throws 103 mph. He’s an All-Star.

Runs Created or RC is a stat that measures a player’s overall impact on the amount of runs a team scores. It combines a player’s ability to get on base and hit extra base hits.

So wRC+ aka Weighted Runs Created is the same stat but it removes outside factors such as the ballpark a player hits in.

I say all of that to say that Luke Voit has a 142 wRC+ which is sixth in the American League. Voit had a 42-game on base streak.

There was a long stretch during this season where Voit was either drawing a walk or hitting a double to the wall. There isn’t a better first baseman.

Gleyber Torres is the most naturally gifted baseball player on this team. He was an All-Star last season in his rookie year and he’s better now than he was last year.

He ‘filled in’ for Didi at shortstop and proved that he’s better at the position than Gregorius and then can easily move right back to second effortlessly.

Masahiro Tanaka just threw a complete game shutout lowering his ERA to 3.23 and solidifying him as the best starter in the rotation (With Luis Severino and Domingo German on the IL).

And there you have it. An unbiased look at the 2019 All-Stars.

  • Edwin Encarnacion
  • Gary Sanchez
  • DJ LeMahieu
  • Aroldis Chapman
  • Luke Voit
  • Gleyber Torres
  • Masahiro Tanaka
  • Also probably Aaron Judge.
  • Oh, and Cameron Maybin. Obviously.

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