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Which New York Knicks Players Should Be Off Limits From Trades?

It is being reported that the New York Knicks front office is essentially shopping everyone on their roster which is cute because a majority of the roster was brought in through free agency by this very same front office.

Let’s be very careful giving them any credit for resetting the team when it’s their own problems they are consistently patching up. I will never forgive these fools for giving Tim Hardaway Jr a 4-year $71 million contract he didn’t earn only to send him to Dallas and needing to attach Kristaps Porzingis to sweeten to the salary dump.


Fortunately, there aren’t any unnecessary long term contracts on the roster and every player has very tradeable the deal.

So naturally, the Knicks being the Knicks, have decided to go on a 3-game win streak and look like a totally different team under interim head coach, Mike Miller. OF COURSE, when the roster is about to be broken up these guys decide to sprint for the 8th seed.

But they’re the Knicks so a 3-game losing streak is soon to follow and I’ll be back to screaming at Julius Randle so let’s look at which players on this team should be traded and who is off-limits.

Trade Immediately

Marcus Morris is 4th in the NBA shooting 45.2% from behind the 3-point arc. He’s an automatic bucket and on most nights, he looks like the only real NBA player on this roster. Morris could make a difference on all 30 teams in this league and the Knicks could probably steal a first round pick for the Morris brother on a one-year deal.

I’ve never seen Wayne Ellington make a jumper in a Knicks jersey but I’m told he’s a good perimeter shooter. I’m also told teams are constantly looking for these alleged good perimeter shooters so he needs to be the next guy out the door.

Bobby Portis has a 1-year deal with a team option for 2020. The Knicks would be insane to pick up that team option so yea, just go ahead and trade Bobby Portis. His only real contribution is defensive fouls and chucking up 3’s with 20 seconds left on the shotclock.

Elfrid Payton is the best point guard the Knicks have had in 15+ years which is a shame because he doesn’t fit the Knicks timeline. This team isn’t good enough to make the most of their point guard. Teams like the Lakers could use a backup point guard to run their bench units. I could see a contending team needing Payton.

I fucking hate Julius Randle and I’m not emotionally prepared to rant about this bowling ball of a human with no offensive skills at all but who continuously clumsily charges into double and triple teams to slam the ball of the backboard time and time again. Watching Randle play basketball is a punishment. Trade him yesterday so I can enjoy basketball again.

I would say trade Taj Gibson too but I can’t imagine teams are lining up for the aging veteran but yea, get his ass out of here too.

Young Stars To Trade

Dennis Smith Jr ain’t it. I don’t think the Knicks lost the Kristaps Porzingis deal but as long as DSJ underperforms then the national media will look at the trade as an easy W for Dallas. He’s making us look bad. DSJ is shooting 29% from three this season and can’t stay healthy enough to even improve. Man stinks.

I want Kevin Knox to succeed. I really do. But sometimes a lottery pick just needs a change of scenery to truly flourish. He is incredibly awkward out there jumping off the wrong leg and watching defenders cut right past him consistently.

If you love someone, let them go. It’s time to free Frank Ntilikina. Let my son compete with a playoff team. He’s ready to win championships and chances are, he’ll never be doing that as long as Steve Mills continues to run this team. #FreeFrank

RJ Barrett is probably the most valuable trade piece outside of the Knicks own first round draft picks. I’ve seen enough of RJ to know that he’s already playing pretty close to his ceiling. He’s not a great shooter and moves in slow motion. Please trade him before the league realizes he’s just a less athletic Baron Davis.


At the end of the day, the only player the Knicks need is Mitchell Robinson. No one else matters. He is the past, present and future of this franchise. Trade all 14 guys and protect Mitch Rob at all costs.


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