What’s Next For the Cleveland Cavaliers?

After losing in a gentleman’s sweep, it’s become abundantly clear that the Cleveland Cavaliers are not good enough to defeat the Golden State Warriors. They aren’t good enough to be on the same floor as Golden State.

As LeBron James becomes one year older, the Cavs championship window is pretty much shut unless they make some major moves. The problem is, in order to form their current roster, they had to swallow some awful contracts and they obliterated the salary cap. There isn’t much Cleveland can do.

So what’s next for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Again, they have zero to no roster flexibility but here’s the thing: they’re still the best team in the Eastern Conference. Just continue to coast through the East and get to the Finals where anything can happen. Draymond Green can get suspended again. Steph Curry’s ankles can explode again. Klay Thompson can cool off.

But if you have to make a change, everyone is pointing at Paul George as a trade target which makes no sense. Paul George can opt out of his contract next season which he will 1000% do and he’s made it crystal clear that he wants to play in Los Angeles. Cleveland is the literal polar opposite of Los Angeles.

On top of the fact that George will most likely be a one-year rental, why would Indiana trade George for what would most likely be Kevin Love? I think we can all objectively say that Paul George is better than Kevin Love which is why Cleveland would want the trade. What does Indiana gain from that? If they are going to trade George, they are going to want some real assets. They don’t want Love and Cleveland’s 29th overall draft pick.

The Cavs starting 5 isn’t the problem. They need a bench that doesn’t have Deron Williams on it. But with $0 available, it’s going to be hard. Maybe Ty Lawson signs for pennies. Maybe Tony Allen signs for some Domino’s gift cards and a pair of Big Baller Brand sneakers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will pretty much bring the same exact team to the Finals to get swept by the Golden State Warriors again next season and I cannot wait.





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