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What’s Next For Sam Darnold?

There is a 0% chance that the New York Jets bring back Sam Darnold next season. In fact, I think it’s far more likely that they bring back head coach Adam Gase than it is for Sam Darnold to return. Adam Gase essentially hired the GM, Joe Douglas, and it’s safe to say that neither man drafted Darnold and would prefer to have someone else behind center.

Monday night’s game against the New England Patriots was the perfect example of Adam Gase’s borderline sabotage of Darnold’s career. Suddenly, with Sammy D on the sideline icing his shoulder, Joe Flacco went out there and was just chucking the rock downfield. It’s as if he was operating with a completely different playbook than what Darnold gets.

Flacco went 18-for-25 (72%) for 262 yards and 3 touchdowns. He had a 128.7 quarterback rating and averaged 11 yards per attempt. He looked like a starting quarterback while Sam Darnold looks like a backup who is out there filling in while Flacco recovers from injury.

And Adam Gase has already made it clear he has no problem sabotaging a player’s career and totally tanking their value. He didn’t want Le’Veon Bell and made it obvious by refusing to put him in positions to succeed until they inevitably cut him.

The Jets are probably going to lose every single game this season which means they’ll have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft which means they will be selecting Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence.

So what’s next for Sam Darnold?

I wrote this two years ago during Darnold’s rookie season:

We might have ourselves a David Carr in Houston situation where you throw a rookie to the wolves and their career is destroyed before it even starts. 

I want Sam Darnold to be great. I’m also pointing out that at this present date, Sam Darnold sucks. 15-for-31 for 169 yards and 2 interceptions are Joey Harrington-esque numbers. Remember Joey Harrington? Good times.

At this point, putting Darnold in the same convo as David Carr and Joey Harrington is disrespectful to David Carr and Joey Harrington.

There are rumors that perhaps a team like Pittsburgh or Indianapolis could trade for Darnold as a young backup behind Big Ben and Philip Rivers—two guys who have been in the league since 200fucking4.

But again, Gase is actively destroying his trade value. The Jets are going to want a 1st or 2nd round pick and the other team on the zoom call is going to just send Joe Douglas some Sam Darnold ‘highlights’ and offer a 6th rounder.

What’s most likely is that the man who had him seeing ghosts last season scoops him up at his lowest value and turns him into a serviceable starter. Cam Newton will most likely walk after this season and although Darnold is mediocre, he is still better than Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham.

There is nothing more Jetsier than destroying a prospect only for him to excel for a division rival and beat their ass twice a year for the next decade. Just as the prophecy fortold.



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