What’s Next For Fatt Harvey?

The New York Mets have finally ended their whirlwind romance with Matt Harvey as they have designated him for assignment after he refused to go down to the minor leagues to fix his pitching mechanics as he clearly has lost the ability to throw strikes.

In 2018, Fatt Harvey had an ERA of 7.00, which is trash, and had a WAR of -0.5, which is trash. He started 4 games before Mickey Calloway threw him in the bullpen and in the bullpen, Harvey continued to be trash. Who could’ve seen that coming?

But what’s next for Fatt Harvey?

Harvey is owed $4.6 million so the idea of a team trading for him seems highly unlikely. No one wants to pay $5 milly as well as give up an asset in a trade, for a guy who straight up doesn’t belong on the pitching mound.

The Texas Rangers are reportedly interested in Harvey as their assistant pitching coach worked with Harvey during his brief time as a good pitcher a few years ago. I really doubt that the pitching coach has the authority to bring in Harvey. So that means there’s a zero percent chance that the assistant pitching coach has that power.

Does it make sense for the New York Yankees to give Harvey a shot?

The Yankees 5th starter, Jordan Montgomery is currently nursing an injury and Sonny Gray has been up and down all year. I think we all know that when the trade deadline comes around, the Yankees are going to make a power move for a new arm to lead them to the World Series.

So what if they pick Harvey up from waivers after the Mets release him? They’d have more time to get his pitching struggles under control before the real important high-pressure games begin. There is a great pitcher in there somewhere when you get past his thirst for models, cocaine and his fat fat face.

The problem is, he doesn’t seem to have any desire to change his life or improve his skills. My man can’t pull Victoria Secret models driving himself across state lines traveling to minor league baseball games. I mean, he can have allll of the local Denny’s waitresses he can handle in Des Moines and Grand Rapids but he’s not willing to make the sacrifice from the best cocaine to like, some decent shit that is probably lined with bug spray and confectioners sugar.

Some team will give Matt Harvey a shot. Matt Harvey will be ungrateful and won’t take advantage of this opportunity. He will be bad at pitching because all he’s been for the last 3 seasons is bad at pitching. Can’t imagine that suddenly changing when he throws on a Seattle Mariners jersey.



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