What’s Next For Christian Hackenberg?

What Happened?

The Oakland Raiders won’t be sending a 2019 draft pick to the New York Jets for Christian Hackenberg after all.

Oakland released Hackenberg from its 90-man roster Tuesday, three weeks after acquiring the backup quarterback from the Jets for a conditional seventh-round choice in 2019. A traded player typically must remain on his new team’s roster for a period of games or past mandatory roster reduction dates for conditional choices to change hands.

Hackenberg went unclaimed and became a free agent Wednesday, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.



Christian Hackenberg has been cut from the Oakland Raiders before training camp even started. He now continues his career at NFL quarterback without throwing a single pass in an NFL game. The 2016 second round QB out of Penn State patiently waits by his phone for the next dumb football team to give him a shot.


What’s next for Christian Hackenberg?

Well here’s the rule for quarterbacks in this league: If you are a tall white then you get infinite chances. Nathan Peterman threw 5 interceptions in a game last season and I guarantee he starts a game this year. They left hit throw 4 interceptions and were like ‘yea, go back out there kid. This drive is the one’, before he threw his 5th while Tyrod Taylor sat on the sidelines.

How many years are Colt McCoy and Drew Stanton going to be on the sidelines collecting NFL paychecks? Forever? Matt Cassell is still an NFL quarterback and I can say with complete confidence that I can throw a football further than him or at the very least, equidistant.

Christian Hackenberg’s best weapon is that there is zero game film against him. Some desperate head coach who lost his starting QB1 and that’s on the hot seat coaching for his job will be able to convince themselves that Hackenberg is the secret weapon.

I know it’s annoying to point out that Colin Kaepernick is out of the league every time a shittier quarterback gets an opportunity but like, Hackenberg will play before Kaepernick does and I just want to get that on wax before everyone and mothers send out that lazy tweet around Week 7 this year.

Hackenberg will live on forever. Our children will be reading stories about 45 year old Hackenberg missing wide open receivers so badly in practice that they’re hitting water boys and trainers on the sidelines. As it was written.






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