What Your Favorite Rapper Says About You

What Your Favorite Rapper Says About You


Wiz Khalifa.

wiz khalifa

You are a follower. You don’t really like rap but you love fitting in. You roll down your windows while you’re drving and blast Wiz Khalifa songs in hopes that people will stop what they’re doing and recognize how cool you are.



You are a 14 year old girl. You think you’ve been in love like 6 times already and you way too much estrogen. You would probably do anything to get in a room alone with Britney Spears even though it’s almost 2012 and she’s completely irrelevant.

Lil Wayne.

lil wayne

Not only do you have a terrible taste in rap, you know absolutely nothing about music. The names, Bob Marley and Eric Clapton, don’t mean anything to you but you can name every horrible rapper from young money records.

Kanye West/Jay-Z.

kanye west jay z

You are probably a middle-aged man with children. You were a really big RunDMCand Beasties Boys fan growing up and you are trying to keep up to date with current hip hop. You are not up to date.

50 Cent.

50 cent

You are a rich white kid from the suburbs. You have a Summer house, a Winter house, an Autumnal Equinox house and a Tuesday house. You go to private school and pretend to be cool because you can name everyone in G-Unit. You are not cool.

Ja Rule.

ja rule

You haven’t updated your ipod since 2002.


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