What Your Favorite Rapper Says About You Part II

What Your Favorite Rapper Says About You Part II




2 Chainz 


Also known as Tity Boi. That pretty much explains it. You like juvenile, simple things. You may be missing teeth as well.


Snoop Dogg. 


You’re high.


Rick Ross. 


You like what you’re expected to like. If it comes on the radio than it must be good, right? Making decisions is too hard. Just let everyone else make them for you. If people say Rick Ross is one the best rappers than he must be.


Mac Miller. 


You’re a white female.



Gucci Mane. 


You spend all of your free time on worldstarhiphop.com. You have a lot of free time. None of that free time is spent reading books and expanding your vocabulary. Instead, it’s spent yelling out words like ‘Gucci’, ‘Waka’ and ‘Swag’.






You rode a mini bus to high school and spent all day in the basement. Your career is bagging groceries or pushing shopping carts. You have a designated snack time and nap time. You don’t own a car, or a driver’s license. And everyone speaks slowly and clearly to you but you don’t understand why.



You love conspiracy theories…and gang violence. You met Tupac back in ’07 at a Sbarro. He’s not dead, he’s just keeping a low profile, forever.


Written by Deadseriousness

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