What We Love About Baseball

Baseball is a big sport in this country. Or at least, it used to be before the virus hits. Let’s hope that 2021 is a little better than 2020 and that there’s more life in the game yet. After all, 2019 was a great season!


It’s at times like these that it pays to remind ourselves just how much we love the sport and why visits to the stadium used to fill our weekends. What makes it so darn addictive?

There’s Always A Game On


When it comes to baseball, you never have an opportunity to be bored. There’s always a game going on somewhere in the country. 


The major league operates more than 162 games per year, which you can watch live on your TV for a fee. But there are also dozens of minor leagues fielding players at the weekend and in the evenings. And a lot of these games are free to watch. 


They’re fun too. Many times, they are an opportunity for you to spot up-and-coming talent before anyone else does. 


You Can Get A Game Going Anywhere


If you have more than half a dozen people, you can get a game of baseball going anywhere. Yes, it’s nice to play it properly with all the bases and pads in place. But you don’t have to do it this way. The concepts are straightforward. Hit the ball and run as fast as you can, so you can organize a game anywhere. 


If you have custom line up cards, even better. You could even organize your own league. 


Stuffing Your Face


Be honest with yourself; what’s the main reason you go and watch baseball games live? Is it to watch the sporting greats? Or is it so that you can stuff your face with all the food that vendors bring round? 


If you’re honest, it’s probably a bit of both. Watching the game is excellent, but there’s nothing like doing it with a hotdog in one hand and a beer in the other.


Watching The Ball Fly Out Of The Park


Have you ever heard anyone say, “he knocked it out of the park” after doing something well? It turns out that that expression derives from baseball players with powerful strikes. Seeing a ball flying out of the park is a surreal experience, but it has been done. 


Raging At The Umpire

Here’s another funny thing to do at a baseball game: rage at the umpire. 


Just like us, umpires are fallible people. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forgive them for their mistakes. If they get a call wrong, you’re free to blame them for your team losing. It always makes you feel better. 


Collecting Baseballs Used In The Game


The average baseball game gets through an astonishing 65 balls. And that means that people are often able to take them home as souvenirs. 


If you want one, try to sit as close as possible to the foul line. 


So there you have it – some of the reasons why we love the game of baseball. 


Written by Deadseriousness

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