What We Can All Learn About Life Through The Gaze Of Male Shopping Habits

Gender stereotypes obviously aren’t cool and, most of the time, they’re way off the mark. We all know that, but sometimes a stereotype arises that, far from being a controversial and largely made up segway, is pretty grounded in fact. Take, for instance, the fact that guys biologically tend to be stronger than women (it’s a testosterone thing, apparently,) or, as we’re going to consider here, the fact that men and women have very different shopping habits. 


Obviously, everything is a spectrum, but studies have generally shown that male shopping habits tend to differ in a few key ways, for a range of reasons. Unlike women, who are more likely to ponder purchases, hedge their bets, and take shopping at a leisurely pace, the vast majority of men go right for the jugular and get the job done. 


This fact has been at the centre of some epic husband/wife arguments over the years but, when you take differences out of the equation, the so-called ‘male’ forms of shopping are pretty inspirational to our ways of life. Far from knocking guys for their no-nonsense approach, then, it’s past time that we realised the lessons we could learn from them, a few of which we’re going to consider here.

Find what you love and do more of that


Guys, life is too short to spend time doing stuff that you don’t love, or that you don’t think you’re going to enjoy. Most men learnt this long ago, which is why many of us tend to return to the same clothes outlet time and again, to buy the same items in the same colours. We know what we like, and why would we risk changing that? 


Of course, this isn’t to say that new experiences aren’t beneficial sometimes, but in the vast majority of cases, learning what you love and doing that is the very zest of life. Forget this odd focus that we have on ‘taking ourselves out of our comfort zones’ and instead get to work building a life, and a wardrobe, that you can enjoy without question. 


Make the most of your time 


According to studies into the subject, an average 22% of men make purchases on their mobiles compared with just 18% of women. Aside from proving our genius (thank you, thank you very much,) this is life lesson number two – always make the most of the time you have. 


In the modern age, especially, we’re liable to spend our (typically long) commutes or similar scrolling aimlessly through social media that does nothing for us. But, as the male shopping gaze proves, that needn’t be the case. In reality, our phones make it possible for us to do anything, at any time. Whether you choose to work, shop or even chat with mates on your commute moving forward, you can guarantee it’ll be a job well done. The effort will certainly leave you feeling more refreshed than you would if you simply carried on with that terrible scrolling habit!

Follow your own lead


While most men don’t mind a little bit of competition in the sporting world, studies also reveal that we tend to be lone wolves when we get stuck in shopping. In fact, while 20% of women admit to being influenced by social media when making purchases, just 10.5% of men report the same. What’s more, women are more liable to spend time researching reviews and comparing products before making a purchase. So-called, it’s all to do with differences in the wiring of the brain, with women typically using their cerebral cortex for decision making while men use grey matter. Or, something along those lines.


Anyway, science aside, this insight offers yet another important life lesson, and that’s to do with the fact that we could all benefit from following our own leads. In this age of social media and influence, especially, it’s all too easy to slip into negative habits of needing validation and justification for our every move. But, for a happier and more rounded lifestyle, we could all benefit from trusting our feelings about situations a hell of a lot more. Remember; no one’s Instagram feed is actually real life, and aiming to achieve those goals is forever going to leave you reaching. By instead doing what YOU want to do off your own steam, you should be far better able to achieve goals and achieve them well for lifestyle (and fashion) satisfaction on every level. 


Keep goals at your forefront


Lastly in the ‘male vs shopping’ lesson plan is the fact that, in many cases, it pays to keep your goals at the forefront of your daily trajectory. Take, for instance, the fact that studies by Psychology Today to name a few have proven that men typically make faster decisions based on predetermined goals (a habit that is, interestingly, changing, but that’s a discussion for another day!)


This proves the last and perhaps most important lifestyle lesson on offer here today – that you should always operate with your set goals in mind. After all, knowing what you intend to do, either on your shopping trip, with your career, or in your home life, makes it far more likely that you’ll a) achieve those goals, and b) feel a viable sense of satisfaction from doing so. Let’s face it guys; nothing beats hitting the shops and getting exactly what you needed in double-quick time. Equally, nothing beats setting a metaphorical lifestyle to-do list, and ticking off each point before moving onto the next. 


 A final word


Bet you didn’t think male shopping could teach you much but, as you can see, you were wrong. In actual fact, the logic and brain function behind stereotypically ‘male’ shopping approaches are fascinating and, ultimately, useful for a wide range of reasons. 


For men and women alike, applying these attitudes to life, in general, could certainly cut a lot of the unnecessary stuff, and get to the heart of what matters to wardrobes and happiness at last.


Written by Deadseriousness

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