What To Expect From The Sinner Season 2

The season 2 premiere of The Sinner debuted on Wednesday night and like season 1, we are immediately shown a vicious murder in the first ten minutes and the culprit openly admits to the homicide immediately after but The Sinner is a murder mystery show that is more about why the crime was committed as opposed to trying to figure out who did it.

Last season we saw Bill Pullman as a local small town detective attempting to discover what past trauma caused Jessica Biel to randomly murder some guy she didn’t know at the beach in front of her husband and baby.

Season 2 finds us in a new town anddd somehow Bill Pullman is back because he’s a buddy of this town’s detective’s father which is a stretch but Bill Pullman needs the paychecks and I suppose he’s earned them.

When it comes to Bill Pullman’s character, expect a lot of dark and silly flashbacks from his childhood as he is returning to his old hometown in a plot that is currently happening on HBO’s Sharp Objects and I can guarantee Amy Adams is doing it better than The Sinner. Pretty bad timing to run those exact storylines at the same exact time.

But if I’m going to complain about anything in season 2, it’s going to be that child actor. Child actors suuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Season 2 being all about some kid stuck in a strange religious cult is going to be difficult to watch. In the premiere, he had a panic attack or something and it was unwatchable. This kid stinks.

But here’s the most silver of silver linings. Here is the real reason I will be watching this show every week as we learn more about this cult.

Enter Miss Carrie Coon, the best actor on television right now and there isn’t a close second place. Every scene she’s in, whether it was on The Leftovers or on Fargo, makes you put your phone down and sit on the edge of your seat.

Even her small role in the season 2 premiere was fascinating as she appears to be perhaps the kid’s therapist talking him through his demons and almost seemingly encouraging to be evil only to show up at the end and claim to be his mother.

Any other actor does that reveal at the end and it’s corny. Thank you to season 1 star and executive producer, Jessica Biel, for not giving herself this role. Put Carrie Coon in everything. Ideally, she would be playing every single role but I’ll settle for the crazy cult leader.

What should you expect from The Sinner season 2? Carrie Coon acting her ass off. The usual.




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