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What The Signing of World Wide Wes As Executive VP Means For The New York Knicks

The New York Knicks front office continues to develop into a real adult grown up organization as they have now signed World Wide Wes as the new executive vice president.

William Wesley has been titled ‘The Most Powerful Man’ in basketball as he has close relationships with some of the biggest stars including Allen Iverson and LeBron James. He also worked closely with current Knicks president, Leon Rose, at CAA so this hire seemed inevitable.

I’ve been cautious from day one of Leon Rose’s hiring. Being an agent and running a basketball organization are two separate muscles but he’s been building a powerhouse team of the best scouts and talent evaluators in the sport. World Wide Wes’s connections and people skills are the final pieces to the puzzle.

Walt Perrin and Frank Zanin were brought in as assistant general managers to join Scott Perry who will keep his job for at least one more season. Brock Aller was brought in as the VP of basketball and strategic planning and now William Wesley rounds up a string of hires that might finally bring stability to a franchise run by a Trump supporter who told his employees specifically not to make a statement following the murder of George Floyd for no reason outside of racism.

I don’t want to immediately turn into a naive Knicks fan that thinks the team should be built via free agency and that we suddenly have a chance at top guys but I can’t help but think that the previous summer would’ve went slightly different if Leon Rose and World Wide Wes were in charge.

And I’m not even referring to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. They are weirdos who were more likely to sign with a Croatian club than with the Knicks. But if there were established guys running the front office last summer that had the decades of clout like there currently are now, I can’t help but think that someone like Kawhi Leonard would’ve at least come in for a meeting.

Again, none of this means that Giannis will magically want to become a Knick but there is certainly a different level of respect than with Steve Mills’s bitch ass running the team into the ground for my entire life.

But not everyone has great things to say about this signing.

Here’s Stephon Marbury after that Vaseline kicked in. Love Starbury but him repeating ‘really?’ over and over for a minute doesn’t really compel me to believe this is a bad hire. Use your words.

HOWEVER, Rasheed Wallace actually did provide a valid point in his criticisms of the team.

“I mean damn, it’s been getting worse. We all think it can’t be no [worse], they’re going to hit rock bottom, but they keep going lower and lower. I’m just a little confused by it all, if you ask me. It’s one thing to have a former agent and agency coming in and giving you their input here and there, but to hire them full time, you’re taking on a lot. Because now, unfortunately [James] Dolan’s taking on their baggage.”

“Whoever they had beef with or problems with now is going to come up and affect them. Now that they got those executive positions with the Knicks, they might not get these certain players. Or just going through the grapevine because there could be other agents that could be mad with Leon Rose for trying to do this or that while he was an agent. It’s going to be interesting, man. My thought is more power to them. I was with them for a while but this is just a brain fart right here.”

That totally makes sense. Yes, Leon Rose and William Wesley have made a lot of great relationships over the years but that’s probably also come with making some enemies. Obviously Stephon Marbury falls under the enemy category.

But also, who cares? They’re not agents anymore. They aren’t acting in specific players’ best interests. Plus, everyone is pretty much represented by Klutch and LeBron James Rich Paul. Again, we’re comparing them to what Steve Mills did and I’ll take this new front office over Mills always.

So what does the World Wide Wes signing mean for the Knicks?

Probably nothing because James Dolan is still a sad fat vindictive spoiled rich tiny-dicked special needs sociopath who will self-sabotage any success this team comes near.



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