What The Fuck Happened To Todd Gurley?

This week, the Los Angeles Rams cut Todd Gurley after putting him on the trade block and hearing crickets from the other 31 teams.

The Los Angeles Rams were the next great dynasty. Young genius head coach, Sean McVay, was The Prince That Was Promised. Jared Goff transformed from one of the biggest busts in NFL history into an MVP candidate. And the team’s success was all thanks to the best running back on the planet: Todd Gurley.

Andddd now he’s cut.

In 2017, Gurley was the Offensive Player of the Year. He led the league with 2,093 yards from scrimmage and 19 total touchdowns. He was the best player in the NFL and no one can tell me otherwise.

After his historic season, Gurley was rewarded with a 4-year $60 million extension and $45 million guaranteed. He deserved every penny of that deal. He made his head coach into a mythological creature and his quarterback into a Top 10 stud.

Gurley immediately followed up with a second consecutive first-team All-Pro selection. Oh, you liked Gurley’s 19 total touchdowns in 2017? Hold that, bitch. My man came through with 21 the next season in 14 games.

The Los Angeles Rams went 13-3 that season and marched to the Super Bowl andddd that’s when shit got weird here.

On December 16th against the Philadelphia Eagles, Gurley scored his 20th total of the season. He also injured his knee and left the game in the third quarter. From that point forward, his knee was always in question. From that moment forward, he only rushed for 100+ yards one more time in his career. Yikes.

Yes, the Rams went to the Super Bowl that year but Gurley was basically a nonfactor in the playoff run. He rushed for 115 yards against the Cowboys in the Divisional Round (lol @Dallas) and then was taken out of the gameplan and replaced with thicccc CJ Anderson.

After spending most of the Super Bowl on the sidelines, it was finally revealed after the season that Todd Gurley had arthritis in his knee, which like, isn’t great. Typically you’d prefer your star running back that you recently made the highest paid player at his position to not have arthritis in his knees.

Not ideal.

Gurley then limped into 2019 and finished with career lows in rushing yards and total yards. Still probably the best NFL player with arthritis but still kinda shitty considering the contract extension he signed and the amount of cap space he was occupying.

There were also reports that Todd Gurley had beef with the Rams about the workload he was capable of. None of us will ever know the extent of Gurley’s old man knees which is why the Rams had no choice but to cut him as no team would consider taking the risk and trading for that dumb contract.

As a Giants fan, I hope this is a lesson on how much money a running back deserves. If Saquon Barkley wants a second contract, he can go get that shit somewhere else. Melvin Gordon was a Top 5 running back two seasons ago and now he can’t get a contract and might need that $1,000 monthly coronavirus check like the rest of us.

Now Los Angeles enters 2020 with a $20 million dead cap hit for cutting Todd Gurley and $36 million dead cap for Jared Goff’s insane contract. No one made Los Angeles do this. Why did they do this? And now that DeAndre Hopkins has entered the division, would it shock anyone to see the Rams in last place?





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