What the Fuck Are The Chicago Cubs Doing?

Last season, the Chicago Cubs finished third in the NL Central with 84 wins. They were 7 games behind the division-winning St. Louis Cardinals. One would think this third place finish only three years removed from winning the World Series would inspire the historic franchise to attack free agency but it turns out that instead, they’ve chosen to complete skip free agency.

The Chicago Cubs, one of the most financially lucrative clubs in the sport, have signed a grand total of zero (0) major league free agents this winter like they’re some small market team in Kansas City just struggling to get by year-after-year.

Not only have they decided to sign any free agents, there have been Kris Bryant trade rumors for months now and don’t let all the Nolan Arenado noise distract you from the fact that the Cubs are legitimately terrified of having to pay the FORMER MVP after screwing him out of service time so they could cheat the system and get an extra season of him under contract making exponentially less than he deserves.

The fuck are the Chicago Cubs doing?

Mookie Betts was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last weekend. Why weren’t the Cubs involved in those trade talks? Even if for whatever reason they didn’t feel as if they needed Betts, why wouldn’t they make the move that the Minnesota Twins made by sneaking in and stealing Kenta Maeda?

On top of the Cubs insistence that they are a poor struggling franchise that can’t afford to try, it’s strange to hire David Ross as your new manager with zero managerial experience and a roster full of players who know that the front office doesn’t give a shit about the results on the field. They’ve got to hold onto every dollar in case Bernie Sanders wins and they have to flee the country to avoid having to finally pay the taxes they owe.

Baseball more so than any other sport has a problem when it comes to franchises electing not to win intentionally solely to save money. Sure, tanking exists in the NBA but that’s because one great lottery pick can completely turn your team into an instant title contender.

Tanking in baseball means you get to select a college pitcher who will either stay in college for another season, tear their elbow to shreds before they bust out of AA or they’ll play for the Arizona Cardinals.

Send the Cubs to AAA.







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