What Should The Warriors Do Next After Steph Curry’s Injury?

We just witnessed a brutal Steph Curry injury. Professional basketball can be merciless. 

Regardless of your background, the sport that is played on the streets, in your driveway and all over the world does not care about your feelings one bit. From matches that sell out areas to your local pickup game, the sport has tossed away great players from a wide variety of ages. It’s a sport that can be beautiful but shows no remorse. 

Basketball will have highs and lows. And right now, we’re in the middle of the Golden State Warriors’ ultimate low. Kevin Durant took off to Brooklyn. Klay Thompson is missing with a knee injury and sharpshooter Steph Curry is now out for at least three months with a broken hand. The Warriors have hit rock bottom. 

Before Steve Kerr and the rest of the organization crack the code and climb their way out of the basement, they may need to take their lickings in the NBA. 

The biggest blow the Warriors were dealt this season was Steph Curry’s hand injury. His absence in the lineup makes things go from bad to worse. With the talent of Curry on the floor, you could expect him to knock down 3s from long-range and potentially steal a win or two. But with Curry on the sidelines, the Warriors will be lucky to stay competitive. 

Sports betting sites didn’t necessarily believe the Warriors could be NBA champion, but they still had better odds than some of the worst teams in the NBA. It was going to be a huge mountain to climb, but some sites believed in the Warriors. The locker room had hope and belief that this team could be something special, even if they were missing key members from seasons past.

That is no longer the case. Betting sites no longer believe in the Warriors’ ability to win the NBA Championship and they certainly don’t think Curry can win MVP. With Curry’s injury, the Warriors went from +1500 to +5000 to win the title overnight. 

This season, the Warriors were not the favorites to win the NBA Championship. This was the first time since 2015-16 Golden State did not open as favorites. Sports betting sites are no longer listing the Warriors as favorites to win the Pacific Division. That honor will go to either the Clippers or Lakers, depending on which team can outclass the other. It was going to be a three-team race but now the Warriors are limping and the Clippers and Lakers are thriving.

Curry was the lifeline of the Warriors and now that Golden State has lost their heartbeat and MVP, their run atop the Western Conference (and NBA) will be challenged. Sadly, the Warriors won’t be able to compete with the best teams in the league but they can still manage to stay competitive.

With Curry and Thompson sidelined, there is nothing the Warriors can do. They simply need to wait until their guys are healthy again and hope their young guys step up in an elevated role. The Warriors’ fan base have been spoiled with NBA Championship rings, record-setting seasons and the ability to watch some of the best basketball players for several years. 

Golden State could (and should) blow up their team and start the rebuild. They have Green and Thompson locked up for several years and Curry will be with the team until after the 2021-22 season. Now is the time to blow up the squad and start looking towards the future. For a team that is listed at +5000 to win the NBA Championship, the future looks more appetizing than trying to make a half-hearted run this year. If they do that, then maybe some good can come out of this Steph Curry injury.

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