What Should The New York Yankees Do With Brandon Drury?

Sooo, I haven’t by shy about the fact that Miguel Andujar has quickly become my new favorite player on the New York Yankees. For about two years now, he has been flirting with a major league opportunity but Chase Headley and Todd Frazier, two walking dad jokes, refused to relinquish third base to the young stud but now Andujar has finally been unleashed and he’s a better third baseman than his current head coach ever was.

Miguel Andujar is currently batting .295 with 12 extra base hits and 11 RBIs.

Having Andujar in the bottom of the batting order makes this Yankees lineup an absolute nightmare for opposing pitchers. Once you get past Judge, Gregorius, Stanton and Sanchez, you’re suddenly stuck with Tyler Austin, Miguel Andujar and now Gleyber Torres, three guys who could and would be batting clean up on literally any other team.

The problem is Andujar is only getting playing time because the starting third baseman, Brandon Drury, like, literally can’t see straight. He is suffering from migraines and my man’s brain hurts, which isn’t great.

Drury isn’t some old vet who can just be designated for assignment and written off as a placeholder for the next young star to come take his place. Drury is only 25 years old and he can ball. Last season he hit 63 RBIs and finished 7th in the league with 37 doubles. He’s also objectively better defensively at the position than Andujar.

So what should the Yankees do when Brandon Drury’s brain stops hurting?

Drury has to become a bench player for this team which is huge because that means Neil Walker, the worst hitter on the team, is up out of here. Austin Romine and Ronald Torreyes are great bench players who always make an impact when their name is called. Put Drury in there every few days and the Yankees have the most depth in the Majors.

It’s Miguel Andujar’s world and we’re all lucky enough to live in it. Andujar is so talented that he’s giving Brandon Drury headaches just thinking about that swing. Andujar is going to win the 2018 Rookie of the Year award by June.




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