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What Should the Los Angeles Lakers Do With the 2nd Overall Draft Pick?

There seems to be a difference of opinion within the Los Angeles front office over what the team should do with their 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. The stars seemed to align that Lonzo Ball, whose dream is the be on the Lakers, just happens to be the second best talent available. It would make the most sense for this to happen. As it was written.

But Magic Johnson isn’t convinced that Lonzo is the player that his mixtape will lead you to believe. Earvin1 was sitting front row at the March Madness tournament when Kentucky beat up UCLA and De’Aaron Fox stuffed Lonzo in a locker and took his lunch money. It was embarrassing how Fox made Ball look like a little boy.

Magic now loves De’Aaron Fox. That is the wrong answer to this question. Fox reminds me of Patrick Beverly, which would be a great player for many teams, but the Lakers need a PLAYMAKER 2 and a Fox and D’Angelo Russell back court would do nothing offensively for this team.

Josh Jackson’s name is being thrown around as well. The problem with drafting Jackson is that he isn’t a good shooter and in 2017, I don’t want wing players on the floor that can’t catch and shoot. You saw it when Iman Shumpert was on the floor in the finals. Sure, he could defend Durant but offensively, he could’ve just taken a knee and let the other 4 guys play and no one would’ve batted an eye.

Also Josh Jackson is pretty much this season’s Brandon Ingram and the Lakers already have one of those. A lot of people are also suggesting the Lakers trade their pick for a star. Those people are dumb. Just continue the slow rebuild. Plus, Magic Johnson has not yet proven himself capable of jumping on the phone and swinging a deal. Don’t try to bench press two plates at your first time in the gym.

So what should the Los Angeles Lakers do with the 2nd overall draft pick?

Just select Lonzo Ball. Duh. Problem solved.





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  1. I know Magic personally.
  2. I accidentally hit caps lock but from now on that’s how I’m typing PLAYMAKER.

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