What Kyrie Irving’s Season-Ending Knee Surgery Means For The Eastern Conference Playoffs

Kyrie Irving has been flirting with this season-ending knee surgery all year long and it is official. Kyrie is joining Gordon Hayward on the sidelines as the Boston Celtics attempt to take advantage of a weak Eastern Conference without their two stars. Yikes.

After getting knee surgery earlier this year, it would appear through the screws in his knees caused a bacterial infection which, from what I can tell, seems bad. No. Hayward. No. Marcus Smart. And now, no Kyrie.

But what happens to the Eastern Conference now that Kyrie Irving is gone?

I don’t think anyone believed that the Boston Celtics could actually win it all this year as injuries have ravaged this roster leading them to roll out random G-League guys that no one has ever heard of. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if John Wall comes back and the Washington Wizards walk into the Garden and burn Boston to the ground in the first round.

The Celtics are the 2 seed which means they’d face off against whoever wins between the Cavs and the Heat so now it appears that this gives Cleveland a free pass straight to the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m pissed.

Cleveland will walk through Miami. Wouldn’t be shocked if that was a 4-game sweep. Then they either go against Boston or Washington and if they play Boston without Kyrie then we’ve got ourselves another 4-game sweep as Cleveland beat the brakes off Boston WITH Kyrie. You think Terry Rozier is going to change this series? (He’s not.)

And now we get to the Eastern Conference Finals. Toronto battles with Milwaukee in the first round. Then they probably go 7 games against the Philadelphia 76ers which will be an absolute bloodbath. Literally. Serge Ibaka might actually throw hands at Joel Embiid.

So Cleveland gets like, two weeks to rest because they swept all of their games and then they face an exhausted Toronto Raptors. We’ve all seen this movie before. We know how this book ends. LeBron does LeBron things and he puts DeMar DeRozan in his back pocket and again, skates directly into the finals.

Thanks, Kyrie.




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