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What is Wrong With The Golden State Warriors?

So, I recognize that at the time I’m writing this, the Golden State Warriors sit 1.5 games ahead of the Denver Nuggets for first place in a stacked Western Conference so claiming that something is ‘wrong’ seems like a bit of an embelishment.

But on Tuesday night, they suffered their biggest home loss in Steve Kerr’s coaching era as the Boston Celtics stopped choking each other out like Homer and Bart for one night and decided to choke out the Warriors in Oakland.

On paper, this team was supposed to have the greatest starting 5 in NBA history after signing DeMarcus Cousins for some McDonalds coupons and a $15 Dunkin card. They should have the best record in the NBA but instead, they’re third behind Milwaukee and Toronto, two teams that look significantly more cohesive.

The fun 73-win warriors are long gone. That team led by Harrison Barnes passing the ball to the better players around him. Draymond Green used to hit jump shots. Andrew Bogut setting the most egregious illegal screens. The good ol days. We were all so young and naive.

The evil Kevin Durant warriors that would toy with you in the first half only to come out in the third quarter and pull your pants down at your locker right in front of that girl you have a crush on are gone too.

And sure, the Warriors might ocassionally pull an opponents pants down but it’s rare these days.

So what’s wrong with the Golden State Warriors?

You cannot say to your teammate ‘you’re a bitch and you know you are. Just leave, we don’t need you’ and then like, show up to practice the next day like it never happened.

That incident probably feels like a million years ago to us but I bet you Kevin Durant thinks about it every time he sees Draymond Green mouthbreathing at him.

We were just all saying that the Celtics were struggling from chemistry issues and they’ve only been together for what? A season and a half? The core of the Warriors have been together for so long that there is no way that they still enjoy hanging out with each other. Steph Curry and Draymond aren’t going to the movies together this weekend.

Enter Boogie Cousins.

Cousins can score from anywhere on the court but that doesn’t mean he should try to score from anywhere on the court. He is a great passer but he’s also a ball stopper and in the Warriors offense of passing and moving without the ball, giving it to Cousins means all of the motion stops and we all watch Cousins barrel into his opponents chest which is at least one offensive foul per game guarenteed.

He’s also not a great defender. On-ball, he’s a turnstile and he’s not the rim protector that his career blocks may indicate so when an opponent penetrates the defense and it’s Cousins’s rotation to come stop the player at the rim, he doesn’t really do much to prevent layups outside of just fouling.

They’re also relying on a bench full of players that stink. Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston are washed as hell and are irrelevant at this point. As someone who enjoys watching Golden State struggle, there’s nothing more fun than seeing Quinn Cook and Damion Lee jog out there to go brick wide open 3’s. And Jonas Jerebko….lol.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant virtually have to do everything for this team and those three players are great enough to do it. But when the playoffs begin and every possession is a fist fight, the Warriors are one Draymond techinical foul away from caving in on themselves.

Kings in 4.



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