What Is The Lion King Remake Actually Changing From The Original Version?

The first teaser trailer for the Lion King remake set to hit theatres next year has finally been released and there is something interesting about the footage we were shown. Every single scene and image from the trailer is a mirror image from the original animated film. Which, in theory, is cool. But is this movie just a shot for shot redo of the original?

I guess before we answer that question we have to take a step back and ask, is it even a bad thing is Jon Favreau decided that the OG version was a masterpiece and he’s going to just run it back with a new animation style.

If I didn’t have to pay like, $20 to see it then no it’s not a bad thing at all. The Lion King is a perfect movie. No changes are necessary. But I don’t think I need to pay to see it the same exact story again but with realistic looking build-a-bear versions of all the animals. Let’s just assume there are changes coming.

So what is the Lion King remake changing from the original?

The only real change I spotted in the trailer is that Rafiki isn’t carrying a stick. I’ll be honest, I’m going to need more than that to go see this. I get that this is more realistic, even though we’re still dealing with talking animals, but if the biggest change is ‘baboons don’t carry walking sticks’ then I’m walking out.

We didn’t hear any dialogue but obviously the voice cast is different with Donald Glover playing Simba and Beyonce playing Nala. Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing Scar instead of Jeremy Irons but he sounds just as British as Irons does so it’s fine.

But speaking of Scar, the only real change I need to see in this movie is more of my favorite movie uncle. My man got kicked out of the Pride Lands by Mufasa and forced to starve with the hyenas. I’m going to need some more info on that backstory.

Fuck a 5-minute Hakuna Mutata dance number, I need to know if Mufasa’s asshole dad really named this lion Scar from birth or if he cut his eye and then everyone gave him that cruel nickname. Nature or nurture.

Also, forget everything I said. No matter what, I will be there opening night covered in popcorn and crying at the end when Simba becomes king.





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