What is Megyn Kelly?

Sooo Megyn Kelly made her career as a political ‘journalist’ on Fox News. She confronted potential candidates and even went to war with Donald Trump prior to the election. She was a real tough bitch. And I truly mean that as a compliment. She was a tough interviewer and balanced between getting actual answers from people while also feeding the Fox News ‘drama = ratings’ plaque that I assume is hanging above the door before you walk on set that you have to slap like you’re a redshirt defensive back making your season debut at Notre Dame.

But now she has moved to a one hour talk show on NBC every morning and I have no idea what this show is even supposed to be. Who decided to turn Megyn Kelly into a daytime personality? Has anyone ever watched her grill a congressman about healthcare and think to themselves “wow, this woman seems fun!”

Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O’Donnell are objectively fun women. No one was shocked when they had successful daytime TV runs. Their happiness and their smiles seem genuine. When Megyn Kelly smiles it seems like there’s a producer in her ear yelling “SMILE. MEGYN STOP FORGETTING TO SMILE”.

She is making close to $17 million to do a job that she clearly lied on her resume to get. She has gone so far as to say that she is completely done with politics but that’s the only way we recognize her. It’s safe to say that plucking Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report and telling him to not talk about politics was a bad idea. Now Colbert is leaning into it and he is the king of late night[1. unless Jimmy Kimmel sheds a tear.].

Here’s a quick look at how ‘fun’ her interviews have been so far:

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda went on her show to promote their upcoming movie and Jane ended up being pressed about her plastic surgery history. You can tell immediately that Megyn still has her Fox News fangs in. It’s 9am. Let Jane Fonda live. She’s 77 years old. I shouldn’t be cringing before noon.

Here’s a quick cute little clip of Megyn interrupting and cutting off Tom Brokaw as he attempts to explain how Americans can unite against the NRA to help with gun control legislation:

Wow, Megyn is FUN. I love when the TV host cuts off one of the most respected journalists of our era with a very dismissive ‘Yep, got it.’. Such a carefree environment. I really hope her deadpan ‘Yep, got it’ becomes a bigger deal than Wendy Williams’ ‘How you doin?’ That’s inevitable because again, Megyn is sooo FUUUUN.

Her jokes are bad. Her smile is forced. Her demeanor is annoyed as if this daytime show is a burden to her. But I will be watching every single morning because I have become obsessed with how awkward this show is.

What is Megyn Kelly?

She is the poster child for failing upwards and scamming your way to $17 million and you Can’t. Knock. The Hustle. Real recognize real. I see you, Megyn.




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