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What Happens to Kim Wexler At The End of Better Call Saul?

Better Call Saul is back for a third season and this year is the return of one of the best TV characters of all time, Gustavo Fring. As this prequel looms closer to running parallel with Breaking Bad, it’s tough to not see characters like Chuck McGill and think how they fit into Breaking Bad if they do at all.

Kim Wexler is the biggest example of that as she is Saul Goodman’s partner and seemingly his only friend. Well she is nowhere to be seen or mentioned in Breaking Bad so as much as I love her character, I can’t avoid having anxiety every time she’s on screen.

What happens to Kim Wexler at the end of Better Call Saul?

There are a few possibilities here. Jimmy McGill is an asshole and he has no qualms with throwing people under the bus. After Chuck recorded him admitting to a felony in order to give a case to Kim, I would not at all be shocked if down the road, ol’ slippin Jimmy somehow got out of trouble by pinning the entire incident of Kim.

I mean, that could be the final moment that turns him from Jimmy to Saul full time. Kim Wexler isn’t in breaking bad because she’s behind bars.

There’s also a very good chance that she simply moved. I mean let’s face it, New Mexico isn’t really the home of the top lawyers in America. Perhaps this Mesa Verde case puts Kim on the map. All of a sudden she’s a high profile lawyer-lady and she’s done kicking the tires in Albuquerque. While Walter White is cooking that delicious blue candy, Kim is out in Monterey with the Big Little Lies cast. Goals.

But here’s what probably happens to Kim Wexler.

Homegirl is dead as fuck. If I know Breaking Bad like I know Breaking Bad, everyone you know and love gets brutally murdered right before your eyes because meth. Meth kills all. Saul probably gets his girlfriend murdered based off of some bad dealings with Gus or Tuco or literally anyone. Kim is very mruderable.





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