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What Exactly Does Frank Ntilikina Want?

There are two conflicting reports coming out this week about Frank Ntilikina. After switching agents, some believe he is preparing a trade request while others simply believe he wanted a change in his business handlings.

But what does Frank Ntilikina actually want?

Last season was atrocious for Frank. He played in only 43 games and shot 33% from the field and 28% from behind the 3-point arch. All of his averages dropped from his rookie season the year prior.

Ntilikina was so bad that he couldn’t sneak into the rotation of a basketball team that was trying to lose games. He was racking up coach’s DNPs left and right before suffering a season-ending groin injury.

Then the Knicks traded away some random rapist and brought back Dennis Smith Jr thus putting another player in front of Frank on the depth chart where he is now behind DSJ and Emmanuel Mudiay, for some reason.

And the Knicks are about to sign Kevin Durant and whatever point guard of his choosing. And they could very easily draft the best point guard coming out of the draft, Ja Morant, depending on what New Orleans and Memphis do ahead of them.

So Frank Ntilikina ‘requesting’ a trade is cute considering he has zero leverage and spent the entire 2018-19 season tanking his own trade value. Who is rushing to trade for the guy who couldn’t get more playing time than Lance Thomas?

You could make the argument that Frank never got a fair shot to prove himself last season as he appeared to be in the doghouse from day one with coach Fizdale but there’s an equal counter argument that he stinks.

He is going to look great in a Pelicans jersey playing with Knox, Zion and RJ Barrett speaking sweet French nothings to drunk girls on Burbon Street while Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant actually win games in New York.

Can’t wait.

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