What Does San Francisco Trading For Jimmy Garoppolo Mean For Kirk Cousins?

Soo it seemed like a guarantee that the San Francisco 49ers would be throwing the bag at Kirk Cousins to come in and be the new franchise quarterback and reunite with her former offensive coordinator whom he had his best statistical season playing under in Washington a couple of years back.

But now San Francisco has gone out and stolen Jimmy Garoppolo from New England and as much as we all love CJ Beathard, it’s safe to say that this team belongs to Garoppolo now. Pour one out for the Beathard heads out there. No worries, I’m sure he’ll be starting again before Colin Kaepernick.

But what does this mean for Kirk Cousins?

He’s been a free agent for the last three years and every single year there are rumors that he’s going to be the next New York Jets quarterback. Jay Cutler straight up laughed at the opportunity to play for the Jets this year and chose retirement over wearing that jersey.

Cousins won’t be playing for the Jets next season mainly because he’s not old enough. Give him 5 more years and he’ll follow in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown’s shoes. Cousins is still in his prime. I doubt the Jets are interested. I’m sure they’ll draft another quarterback who plays like he was just taught the rules of the game about 5 minutes before stepping onto the floor. Shout out Sam Darnold.

Is Kirk Cousins the next Denver Broncos quarterback? Probably not. I don’t think John Elway traded up for Paxton Lynch so that he could be Cousins’ backup.

Chances are, Cousins will sign another franchise tag with the Washington Redskins and swan dive into his pool of free cash that Washington keeps giving him every single spring. Cousins can finish 8-8 every season for the rest of his life and he will go down as the highest paid quarterback ever. What a time to be alive.



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