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What Can We Expect After the NFL Preseason

I was recently asked, ‘what can we expect after Week 4 preseason football?’ The answer is really, really, simple: the regular-season.

If you were inside my head, you would feel how dry I said that as I wrote it down. But just for the sake of not being a total misanthrope, I should actually come up with a few things that we can expect after August. 

No. 1: Ravens Finish 4-0

The Baltimore Ravens are six-point favorites on the NFL odds boards against the Redskins on Thursday. They were actually listed as -3 favorites, but the world jumped all over that line and bet them up to -6. You might be wondering why it so one-side. Well, John Harbaugh is 36-12 in preseason play and he has gone undefeated the last two seasons straight. Even though he is just over .500 in Week 4 situations, it looks like he is starting to make a habit of crushing his foes during August. Jay Gruden – the Redskins’ coach, for all of you NFL-illiterates out there– is coming off of a win against the Atlanta Falcons and doesn’t seem to have the same kind of preseason drive that coach Harbaugh has. So, yeah … A murder of crows is going to fly in and peck the eyes out of the Redskins in FedEx Field.

No. 2: At Least a Few Colts Fans Apologize for Being Such Dicks

I don’t expect a massive collective written apology to Andrew Luck. But I think that at some point in the very near future we start seeing Colts fans showing a change of heart on social media. It reminds me of things they used to say about the Vietnam War. You had young men literally killing themselves and just to get spit on by the people who should love them when they get home … Yes, I just compared Andrew Luck’s plight to being shot at in the jungle for a tour of duty. Anyhow, you get my point. This guy was killing himself for these fans, and the figuratively spit on for saying that he can’t do it anymore. Same on you, Indi. Shame on you.

No. 3: The Patriots Go Back to the Super Bowl (Probably)

So, if you are a Pats hater, sorry, but the AFC East is still weak as all get out so the Pats have a clear path to the playoffs once more. Once Terrible Tom and Wild Bill Belichick are in the playoffs, all bets are off. There is nobody alive with more postseason experience than those two – please don’t fact check me on that, because I have no idea if that is true or not. 


Anyhow, the Patriots will be in the AFC Championship game and might make it to the Super Bowl again. But, there is a regime change taking place right now. The Pats are not nearly as strong as they once were and other teams are coming up.

No. 4: The Raiders Still Suck

I say this as a die-hard Raiders fan. It’s been a tough 15 years as a wearer of the Silver and Black, but even though they have reloaded with some fantastic talent, the Pirates of the Bay Area were shafted by the 2019 schedule. If you didn’t know, the Raiders have one of the most difficult schedules in the league, which doesn’t normally bode well for a team in rebuild mode. I should at least soften that subheader to say, “the Raiders are going to be a lot better … but their schedule is ridiculous so they are still going to lose more than they win …”


OK, there you have it. Four things to expect after the preseason! 

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