What Are the Chances That Littlefinger Makes it To The End of Season 7

Is there anyone in Game of Thrones running on more borrowed time than Petyr Baelish? No one else in Westeros has managed to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge as many near dear experiences than Littlefinger.

But now the troublemaker sticks out like a raw nerve in Winterfell. As the Stark family all returns to the House that Ned built, it seems less and less likely that Baelish can keep the ear of Sansa. In fact, she’s already proven that she can run Winterfell after just one day and she doesn’t really need Littlefinger’s help at all.

When you first meet the character, he and Varys are interesting outsiders who have risen through the ranks and found themselves with a little bit of power in King’s Landing. Throughout the series, Baelish has managed to stay power-adjacent. Last season he went as far as basically taking over the Eyrie and the Knights of the Vale riding in to save Jon Snow’s dumb ass.

But now with Bran Stark in town being a creep and Arya en route, it seems like Littlefinger is on the way out. Plus, if Game of Thrones is leading to an all out war against zombies, I don’t really see the value of having Petyr Baelish in the background whispering in the shadows about how much he still wants to bang Catelyn Stark.

Will Littlefinger make it to the end of season 7?

Well no, duh. Wouldn’t be shocked if they killed him in the next episode or the episode after that or the episode after that. Point is, Baelish no longer adds value to the show as his arc is pretty much to make Sansa prove that she’s a grown up and there’s nothing more grown up than ordering a good ol’ execution of the guy who got you raped.





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