What Are The Chances Aaron Rodgers Can Stop The Undefeated Los Angeles Rams?

The Los Angeles Rams are the last unbeaten team left in the NFL. After coming off a 39-10 demolition of the San Francisco 49ers, it appears as though they may never lose another football game for the remainder of time.

Todd Gurley is the best running back in the NFL. He leads the league in rushing yards as well as rushing touchdowns. Gurley has scored 88 points this season. That’s 7 more points than the Buffalo Bills have scored as an entire team. Gurley is pretty good.

Los Angeles is second in the league in scoring only behind Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs but they don’t seem the same level of admiration that the Chiefs get even though the Rams have put up the most yards in the league.

But the Rams have an interesting Week 8 matchup as the Green Bay Packers come to town in an interesting test against the best quarterback in the league.

Enter Aaron Rodgers.

There has been an offensive explosion this season where guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick, who are career backups, are putting up historic stats but Aaron Rodgers doesn’t really seem to be participating in this boom. After injuring his knee in Week 1, he doesn’t seem to be totally there physically.

But Rodgers still has 12 touchdowns to only 1 interception. He still has a QB rating above 100. He doesn’t have the offensive weapons that Jared Goff has been given but Jared Goff doesn’t have the¬†arm strength that Aaron Rodgers has been given.

What are the chances Aaron Rodgers can stop the undefeated Los Angeles Rams?


1% chance.

I would say that it’s a 0% chance but like, it’s flu season. Maybe Todd Gurley could get sick during the week. There’s always a 1% chance that aliens could come to Earth and take back Aaron Donald, who is certainly not human.

The current game odds are Los Angeles -9.5 but I suppose Las Vegas hasn’t accounted for those aliens as much as I have.



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