Westworld Season 3 Episode – Absence of Field: Who is Charlotte Hale?

Last week I took a week off from writing an episode review mainly because I stand by my belief that this show is awful and Episode 2 was the perfect example of how unimportant and low stakes this unnecessary mystery box of a show is.

The previous episode did nothing but to further reinforce the idea of a world within a world as Maeve thinks she breaks out of the Nazi Westworld park into the real world only to find out that she’s just inside of another manufactured world.

In the season premiere, Dolores is at a party with rich assholes where one hypothesizes that the real world they’re living in is actually a creation before Dolores mumbles some bullshit about God or whatever.

But yea, we get it. Worlds with worlds. Nothing is real. Blah blah. This show stinks.

Anyway, The Absence of Field is a much better hour of television than the previous two, which doesn’t actually say much.

Dolores and Caleb have a cute date at the local diner. The same diner where Caleb’s mom abandoned him when he was a little boy. How thoughtful of Dolores.

She then proceeds to explain to Caleb that every decision he’s made has been recorded and used to predetermine his life. “Every purchase, job search, doctor visit, romantic choice, call, text; every aspect of your lives recorded, logged, in order to create a mirror world of this world. It’s not about who you are, Caleb. It’s about who they’ll let you become.”

I do have a soft spot for the real world that exists outside of that goofy Westworld amusement park. For a show about robots emulating human behavior, the only real human elements of the show so far are Caleb going to shitty jobs and eating shit at interviews and Marshawn Lynch punching naked dudes in the face.

But the big storyline in this episode was robot Charlotte Hale attempting to cut herself out of her own skin because the one thing this show was missing was brutal suicide scenes. But now we have to ask ourselves, who is Charlotte Hale?

At the end of last season, Dolores re-built Charlotte at Arnold’s house and put a host inside of her body that clearly wants to come out of that smooth Tessa Thompson exterior.

A lot of speculation that it is Dolores’s old robot lover, Teddy, which explains Charlotte’s devotion to Dolores but that doesn’t seem likely. Especially after that scene where she choked out that pedophile who was playing with her. Not sure why they added that into this episode but sure. Anyway, Teddy wasn’t really out here strangling people to death so let’s cross him off the list.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say that Charlotte Hale is actually Dolores and Dolores is the big bad villain that she was programmed to be in the season 2 story: Wyatt. Basically, they’re both parts of Dolores and I hate this show.

Just bring back Marshawn Lynch please.







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