Westworld’s Season Finale Was Borderline Perfect

So it’s safe to say that for 10 weeks, Westworld was the best show on television and it wasn’t even close. Everyone got their chance to get their little fan theories out there, the acting was off the charts and of course, we got to see some sweet boobs. HBO never disappoints.

The show was leading us down a few hallways all season and the finale opened the door at the end of each hallway and revealed everything we needed to know. It was the cherry on top and the closure we needed to say goodbye to this show until it returns in 2018.

For example, all season long we suspected that the Man in Black was William and we got the reveal we wanted as The Man in Black stood in front of present-day Dolores and explained to her what made him turn bad. I loved that scene. If I didn’t spend all season overthinking everything then that big reveal would’ve been even bigger. Their fight scene after was a little dumb but again, the finale was borderline perfect. Borderline.

We also found out some other huge news before the final mind-blowing scene. Mind-blowing. Do you see what I did there? Pun City, USA.

All of Maeve’s actions have been preprogrammed into her by Arnold. She is not rebelling and taking control, she’s still following her script. I’m not quite sure what to make of that except for the fact that her script told her to take the train and leave but instead she decided to stay in Westworld and find her daughter. Perhaps she has gained complete consciousness.

We also see Maeve hold a paper that says her daughter is in ‘Park 1’ implying that there are other parks like Westworld. We also saw samurai hosts fighting in the background. Are we about to see a shogun season 2? Let’s goooo.

westworld finale

Lastly, the story of Dolores has finally been told. After seeing her in like 4 different timelines throughout the show, we finally see what makes this host so special. Why she’s been in the park for so long. Why she’s pretty much the star of the show. She’s a bad bitch since day one.

She’s Wyatt, the big bad villain of Westworld who murdered an entire city of hosts and then shot Arnold’s brains out. She murdered Ford. She doesn’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do and she is my new favorite character on TV.

I’m not sure how they bring her, or really anyone, back next season but I need 1000% more Dolores in 2018. The Westworld finale was fire emoji. Nothing more needs to be said.





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