Westworld – Akane No Mai: Dolores Is Done Playing With You Motherfuckers

So I haven’t written about season 2 of Westworld yet because quite frankly, this show is mega dumb. The overall premise of a theme park for the 1% to go to rape and murder robots is dumb. Season 2 is a bunch of scenes that don’t really connect to each other with stakes that don’t seem to matter.

But I can’t not write about Shogun World. I waited all of my life for Shogun world. Westworld is cute or whatever but give me Japanese samurai and ninjas and geishas. Give me an entire spinoff about this part of the park.

I loved everything about that but here’s the thing, what is this show? Does this show exist simply to create cool visuals like samurai fights and geisha dances? Because narratively speaking, Shogun World didn’t matter.

Nothing that is happening makes any real sense because they didn’t take enough time to explain what is going on. What is Maeve’s plan here? Why does she want to find the daughter that she knows is just an implanted memory? Is her goal to liberate the other robots at this park because that seems to be what Dolores is doing.

And speaking of which, Dolores is out here living her best life banging Teddy and then immediately murdering him the next morning. Relationship goals. BAEEEE. That story that Dolores told Teddy about burning all of the sick cows to keep the herd alive only to then tell Teddy that he is that sick cow is the most bad ass move of 2018. She is the Goat. It is Dolores’s world and we’re allll lucky enough to live in it.

Akane No Mai is an episode where Maeve finds out that she can control robots through mind control or whatever. I suppose that’ll come up later but like, what about all the Delos workers stuck in Westworld. Are robots still murdering them? What is actually going on in this park? Why are some robots off script murdering humans and the other robots are still going through their scripts? Explain yourself, Westworld.


Akane No Mai Quick Notes:

  • Every episode without The Man in Black is a good episode.
  • Dolores is my queen.
  • This show sucks.






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