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We’re All Going To See This New Natalie Portman Space Movie ‘Lucky in the Sky’, Right?

Natalie Portman is the queen of movies where she slowly losses grasp of reality. Black Swan, she’s a dancer that goes mad. In Annihilation, she’s a scientist that goes mad. Lucy in the Sky she plays an astronaut that goes mad. We’ve finally found a niche that Natalie Portman can knock out of the park every single time instead of being like, Jackie O or some other boring ass historical figure.

The Lucy in the Sky director, Noah Hawley, is the perfect person to tell this story. His show’s take on the X-Men character, Legion, is one of the most visually compelling shows on television right now so if anyone can depict the surrealism of space travel and the unraveling of the human mind, it’s Noah Hawley.

Also, thank you for making Natalie Portman the lead of this movie and not Jon Hamm so that we actually go see it. No offense to Jon Hamm, but people weren’t swerving off the road to run and go see Beirut. And if you haven’t heard of the movie Beirut then exactly.

A film about outer space AND mental health with Natalie Portman?! *heart eyes emoji*



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