Welp, Tom Brady’s Career is Officially Over Now After This

Damn, and just like that, the 41-year old has finally become washed. It’s a wrap for Tom Brady, FOLKS. He can’t even complete passes in a July 2-on-2 practice. How is he supposed to beat Denver in that altitude in December??

The end was inevitable, just didn’t expect to happen day one of mini camp. Was waiting for their annual blowout loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first month of the season where everyone across ESPN, Fox Sports and etc all say that Tom Brady is dead and the Patriots dynasty is over but damn, Brady couldn’t even complete his pass in practice.

Time to bring him behind the barn and pull the trigger like Old Yeller.

My favorite part about that little report from mini camp is that Tom Brady 1000% has no idea who Jonathan Jones or Braxton Berrios are. Lot of ‘bro’, ‘chief’ and ‘young whippersnapper’ being said to his teammates this season.

He’s 41. He either has enough brainpower to memorize opposing defenses or learn his teammates’ names. He can’t do both. Plus with all the CTE rattling around in his brain, he probably doesn’t know Giselle’s name anymore either.

That was dark. I mean, it’s a fact but it’s dark. Yea, maybe that interception is good news. With Rob Gronkowski retired, he might have one of the worst seasons of his career and be forced to retire before Khalil Mack piledrives him into a lifelong vegetative state.

RIP Tom Brady.

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