Welcome to the New York Giants, Alec Ogletree

Prior to this trade with the Los Angeles Rams for Alex Ogletree, here are the names on the Giants linebacker core at the moment: Calvin Munson, BJ Goodson, Ray-Ray Armstrong and Curtis Grant. I know, I know. So many Hall of Fame names there. Can’t imagine how Ogletree will even get on the field.

Let’s dip deeper into this. In the last 6 years, BJ Goodson and Devon Kennard are the only two linebackers that the Giants have drafted and they were 5th and 6th round draft picks.

The last time the Giants drafted a linebacker before the third round was in 2009 when they basically threw a 2nd round pick directly in the trash when they selected Clint Sintim, who had 11 career tackles before being out of the league by 2011.

Do you see the picture I am painting here? The Giants have struggled to put together a competent group of linebackers and it seems as though they are finally attempting to do this insane thing where they like, have a good defense. Dave Gettleman, you a wild boy.

As far as the cap goes, it’s fine. Weird to worry about the Giants financial flexibility after a trade like this but yea, no worries.

Finally, the Giants defense clearly gave up last season. Eli Apple is trash and for some reason, he’s made at US about it. Olivier Vernon seems to put an effort in about 3 times over the course of an entire game.

Enter Alec Ogletree, a veteran and a captain over in Los Angeles. In 2016, Ogletree was second team NFL All-Pro. He instantly makes this team more talented and accountable on the defensive side of the football.

Now, it’s time to draft Saquon Barkley and go 8-8 this year. Can’t wait.



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