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We Should Probably Talk About The Yankees Giving Adam Ottavino To The Red Sox For Free

This is one of the most disappointing offseasons in baseball history. Outside of the Padres and Mets, every MLB franchise is pretending as if they are one swipe away from overdrafting.

It’s even more frustrating when the New York fucking Yankees are out here acting as though going over the luxury tax would bankrupt them and the Steinbrenner’s would sleeping on a park bench if they dare surpass that threshold.

We are led to believe that baseball doesn’t have a salary cap therefore owners can pay as much as they want in order to win a championship but then you look at the transaction the Yankees and Red Sox had this week and realize that this was all propaganda.


You can say that Adam Ottavino had an extremely disappointing 2020 season. He allowed 12 earned runs in 24 appearances. He allowed only 14 runs in 74 appearances the year prior. Yike. But it was also a year full of Covid and no real Spring Training and just unorthodox for everyone involved.

There was no reason to believe that his arm fell off and he’s suddenly incapable of bouncing back. No, the Yankees simply wanted to rid themselves of his $9 million deal so they drove him to an empty parking lot in Massachusetts and drove away.

The Yankees are now $4 million under the luxury tax threshold. Cool. They have the financial flexibility to pick up a bullpen piece. They should consider signing someone like, hm, maybe Adam Ottavino.

It’s like when the Rays trade Blake Snell to save money. Cool. You can’t spend that extra money purchasing a pitcher anywhere near the talent of Blake Snell so maybe just keep Blake Snell? Abolish the Devil Rays.

Baseball is wondering why no one wants to watch their sport while simultaneously turning the game into a computer simulation.

It’s easy to say that I’m being a crybaby Yankees fan because they have the highest payroll. But that’s a naive way to look at what they’re actually doing. In actuality, they have the lowest payroll as a percentage of their revenue which means they make wayyyyy more dollars than they are actually spending.

Since the installation of the luxury tax, the Yankees have paid around $350 milly. Sounds like a lot until you remember that they bring in close to a BILLION annually.

You pay $25 for a small plastic cup of dirty Budweiser and the Yankees trade Adam Ottavino to the fucking Red Sox of all teams because they can’t afford him. What a fun sport to engage in.

Everyone please go and donate to the Yankees GoFundMe.




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