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We Should Probably Care More About The Us Government Firing Tear Gas On Migrants At The Mexican Border

What Happened?

Fry reports that the incident appears to have started as a protest by migrants who are currently being forced to stay in shelters on the Tijuana side of the border. On Saturday, the Washington Post reported that the Trump administration had negotiated a deal with the incoming Mexican government to hold migrants in Mexico while asylum claims are processed, although the Mexican government denied the deal existed on Sunday.

Border Patrol shut down and heavily fortified the San Ysidro crossing on Monday, alluding to a migrant plan to “rush the border,” though no such attempt occurred. Migrants previously pushed within 500 feet of a border pedestrian crossing in a slow and peaceful march on November 22.



Soo, in the middle of football Sunday, the US Government very quietly fired tear gas on migrants from Central America seeking asylum from the cruelties of their home nations. There is both a lot and a little going on at the Mexican Border right now and we should be paying more attention to it.

The Trump Regime has been ratcheting up the fear levels of dumb Americans for weeks now about the ‘caravan’ of migrants coming to take over or whatever and has used the civil unrest in Central America as an opportunity to rile up his supporters who believe that helping immigrants in need of shelter will somehow destroy our country.

So instead of addressing the problems in places like Honduras and Guatemala, the US and Mexico joined forces to keep these refugees in camps until they figure out what do with them aka how to send them back where they came from.

For anyone who thinks it’s okay to tear gas these innocent people, I feel you. I feel you. Except how do you think people are supposed to behave when they’re attempting to flee their life or death predicament back home only to be basically thrown in cages and then face another life or death situation at the border.

I’ve seen enough post-apocalyptic movies to recognize when an entire group of people are being dehumanized and treated like animals. I just watched Children of Men last week. The refugees are wild animals in that movie and are openly shot at you with no consequence. This is the beginning of that Black Mirror episode where soldiers are tricked into thinking they’re shooting at zombies but they’re actually slaying sick humans.

What if boatloads of people from France came rushing the shores looking for shelter? Ok, that’s a bad example because no one likes French people but the point is, they wouldn’t be hit with tear gas and the US Government would go out of their way to solve whatever problem is plaguing the French.

Let’s just keep an eye on what’s happening at the border. Don’t let Trump nuke the Mexican Border like, during the Super Bowl halftime show when no one’s paying attention.



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