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We Should Probably Be More Upset About Drake Kissing and Groping This 17-Year Old Girl on Stage


With the documentary #SurvivingRKelly hitting the streets this week, people are starting to look back at other music artists and their manipulative and creepy behavior with women and next up for examination is Drake.

I don’t know how old this video is as Drake is without his trademark spray-on beard but regardless of how old this is, it is still incredibly cringe-worthy for a bajillion reasons. The main reason being that Drake is grinding and groping a little teenage girl as he is a grown ass man that knows better.

I can’t tell which part of this video is more damning: is it the fact that Drake pulls an obviously young girl from the crowd and rubs her down first before asking how old she was because he knew immediately that she was too young but wanted to touch her boobs anyway or is it the crowd all laughing their asses off when she reveals her age like ‘haha Drake, you’re silly making out with a child haha silly goose’.

Drake saying he liked the way that little girl’s boobs felt against him is the most Drakiest statement I’ve ever heard.

I wish this could be a one-off little incident except for the fact that last year, my man was out here dating 18-year old model Bella Harris and texting 14-year old Milly Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things.

Obviously, it’s impossible to compare him to R Kelly’s illegal rapey body of work but Drake is clearly putting together his own pedophile resume and let’s just keep an eye on this guy before someone gets hurt.






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