We Should All Be Rooting For Julianne Moore’s Kid Playing in the NCAA Tournament

Julianne Moore’s son, Cal Freundlich, is a point guard for Davidson, who plays a solid 1.5 minutes per game and normally, no one would give a shit about this kid buuuut his mom happens to be a woman that I think about at least once per day.

I just watched The Big Lebowski last week, so I currently have Julianne Moore’s butt tattoed in my brain as well as her saying ‘beaver picture’. If she’s a bird, I’m a bird. If she’s all in on Davidson then I guess I am as well.

Plus, Davidson plays against Kentucky in the first round. Who is actively rooting for Kentucky to win? You are the most annoying person at every party you go to if you’re like ‘I love the way that Kentucky and Duke have all the best players every year. I can’t wait to watch them win again. I’m really fun and interesting, right?’

Shout out Cal Freundlich. Kill it in that one minute you play in the NCAA Tournament, my guy. I will for sure be watching Julianne Moore watch you.




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