We Should 1000% Be Supportive of Antonio Brown Threatening To Quit If He Doesn’t Get His Old Helmet Back

Before I sit here and defend Antonio Brown I think it’s important to establish that he’s an asshole. That’s an objective fact. He is a self-center sociopath and not to go full middle-aged Italian calling into to New York sports radio but all he does is catch a football 100 times a year. Wouldn’t necessarily say he’s doing God’s work.

That being said, we might be jumping Antonio Brown a little too quickly. Context matters.

AB is currently sidelined from Raiders practice from a mysterious foot injury that he inadvertently made worse by attempting cryotherapy and not wearing the proper protective footwear and now his feet have severe frostbite.

You may not like the way Antonio Brown handled his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger or the Pittsburgh Steelers organization but from one episode of Hard Knocks, you can tell he just wants to play football.

His feet are falling off of his legs and he’s still going full speed in drills and ignoring the trainer telling him to take it easy. He only has one speed and it’s All-Pro receiver speed.

So imagine how he must feel right now with a frustrating injury in a season where he needs to prove to you assholes that he can still perform at a high level without Roethlisberger throwing to him. Plus, he’s in a brand new city.

There is so much change happening to a man who I won’t say is um, ‘dumb’, per se, but based off his decision making, I’d say his IQ isn’t Einstein level.

So now on top of all of this change, he’s handed a helmet that he believes obscures his vision and thus hampers his performance. Of course he’s freaking out.

And yes, if everyone is getting the same helmet, Brown shouldn’t complain but here’s the thing about being a Hall of Fame wide receiver, you get to complain more than [insert name of whoever the fuck is the WR2 on the Raiders].

I’m not saying he should get special treatment and have his old helmet back but let’s not pretend like we allllll are soooo welcome to change in our lives. I’ve never had a job longer than like, six months but I know when there is a slight change I freak out. You change the thermostat one degree in either direction and my day is ruined.

Let’s mock Antonio Brown when he actually does something wrong not because he wants better equipment.

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