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We Need To Stop Enabling Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

From the moment these two were first seen together in public, the internet has been obsessed with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship. The internet melted when these two were randomly engaged and now that they’ve broken up, we are still being waterboarded with their nonsense.

Saturday night was dedicated to these two as Ariana Grande dropped a new single ‘Thank You, Next’ which is a nice positive anthem about her past relationships. Boo. I need angry breakup songs about broke boys and cheaters and new dick. Get this ‘I’m happy I met you’ garbage out of here, Ariana.

Here’s Pete Davidson addressing his breakup on Weekend Update:

Yo, can we just tell jokes on Saturday Night Live and not publically address breakups like Bill Clinton telling us he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman. Let’s go back to mocking politicians. I don’t remember tuning into SNL to hear Eddie Murphy talk about who he’s humping.

We need to stop enabling these two. Both of them are cut off from speaking about their relationships for a full calendar year. No new songs about former boyfriends. No more interviews or press. Enough of this shit.

Thank you, Next is fire though.





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