We Need To Have A Serious Discussion About Madonna’s New Butt

New year, new me. 60-year old Madonna came thru to 2019 after a quick stop to doctor Miami to get some brand new cheeks. A lot of people have jokes ready to go and it’s an absolute shame.

If this woman wants to go get illegal butt injections in some back alley then let her be. Personally, I suggest people wait another like, decade, before diving into the fake butt world because the technology so clearly isn’t there yet.

Sometimes I see photos of Nicki Minaj’s butt and one check is in her front pocket and the other one is like a deflating balloon that’s slowly running out of helium. It’s not a great success rate for the fake butts. You usually get a solid 6 month run before they slide down to your ankles. I’m pretty sure Iggy Azalea’s are upside down right now.

But nonetheless, Madonna has always been a trendsetter ad a game changer. She is sacrificing her old lady bum for the betterment of the culture. Perhaps her old lady skin can unlock the secret to butt injection. She could be the missing link. Patient X.

Let Madonna live. When I turn 60 years old and getting my entire body remade. My neck is going to have abs. It’s a wrap for all of you hoes once my fake calves come in from Amazon.




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Written by Deadseriousness

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