We Need More Footage of Michael Jordan Giving Scott Burrell Hell

The Last Dance is the only sports we have right now because COVID stole from us. All we can do is rewatch the 90’s Chicago Bulls as if it’s occurring in real time.

We could talk about Scottie Pippen signing the worst contract ever and only being the 6th highest-paid player on the Bulls. Or we could talk about Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra going on a Las Vegas 50+ hour sex spree. Or Phil Jackson’s obsession with Native Americans.

But nah. The one scene that stuck out to me was the Michael Jordan Scott Burrell relationship.

Michael Jordan just dunked on Scott Burrell’s head here. This is without a doubt the best part of The Last Dance. This is the candid version of Michael Jordan we’ve heard stories about. Had Scottie Burrell in a headlock shouting uncle and did not release his grip.

Love that Scott Burrell saw a camera in his face and was not about to play with MJ at all while Jordan saw that camera and knew it was time to reveal that Burrell is an alcoholic that hooks up with a bunch of girls knowing damn well he has a girl at home that probably thinks Burrell doesn’t even drink.

When Scott Burrell says “My parents are going to see this”, what he really means is “chilllll my girl doesn’t know that I have other girls”. And even when he was begging for him to stop, Jordan turned it up to 11.

Who gives a shit about the Detroit Pistons not shaking the Bulls hands after they finally beat them in the Eastern Conference Finals? Well, ESPN seems to care as they spent this entire week asking Jon Salley, Bill Laimbeer and Isiah Thomas why they didn’t hug Michael Jordan after a loss.

Do. Not. Care.

Thank you, CBS Sports, for getting to the more important parts of this documentary. I will continue to never watch CBS Sports but thank you.

We need 10,000 hours of raw uncut footage seeing Michael Jordan harass his teammates. We need to see Jordan stuff Ron Harper in a locker and not let him out until he promises to play better defense in practice.

Or maybe just, ya know, mention the fact that Michael Jordan punched Steve Kerr in the nose. Weird that story seems to be removed from this documentary.

Michael Jordan is an asshole.





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