What Happened?

Ada Hegerberg emerged from a cloud of fog as dramatic instrumental music filled the Grand Palais in Paris. She took a moment to smile — looking out over the cheering crowd — before she raised the golden soccer ball over her head and kissed it.

Accepting the Ballon d’Or was supposed to be Hegerberg’s moment. Instead, just minutes after she concluded a heartfelt speech in which she encouraged young girls to “please believe in yourselves,” Hegerberg was approached by French disc jockey Martin Solveig, the event’s host, who had a bizarre query.

“Do you know how to twerk?” Solveig asked in French. Clearly uncomfortable, Hegerberg shook her head and responded with a terse “no,” before appearing to attempt to leave the stage. The audience, namely French soccer player Kylian Mbappé, who was also honored, was visibly stunned.


23-year old PHENOM, Ada Hegerberg, was honored with the first Ballon d’Or trophy ever given to a woman in the 60-year history of the award. The Norwegian striker has led Lyon to three straight titles and set a new league record in goals this season. She already has over 250 career goals. Again, she’s only 23.

Her moment was instantly spoiled when a French asshole asked if she knew how to twerk. Imagine winning the highest honor in female sports and immediately being instructed by the man presenting the award to you to shake your ass for everyone.

Martin Solveig would apologize later in the night and claim that both his English is bad and that he was kidding. Here’s how you know an apology is bullshit: when there are multiple excuses that don’t connect and neither make any sense.

My girl heard that garbage ‘can you twerk?’ question and hit him with the sternest of ‘no’s’ and kept it moving. A queen. A warrior. My hero.

And on top of being embarrassed in front of all of her peers, she still had the class and grace to accept that asshole’s apology.

I won’t pretend to be a soccer fan. I won’t pretend like I’m closely following the French women’s soccer leagues but now that I am a diehard Ada Hegerberg stan, I will be jumping on those live Reddit streams to watch her play. I will be getting drunk at the bar and yelling her stats in random people’s faces.





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