We Don’t Need Batman Movies Anymore

A decision has now been made according to Deadline. The outlet is reporting that Warner Bros. has approved Reeves’ choice to make Robert Pattinson the new Batman. While this initial report states that a deal has not yet been made, The Wrap reports that Pattinson has closed a deal. He will be the seventh person to play Batman on the big screen in live-action movies. (Source)

We are about to get our 7th version of Batman now as Robert Pattinson is set to play a younger Bruce Wayne after Ben Affleck’s version got bad reviews so he became an alcoholic and cheated on Jennifer Garner with the nanny. What a ride.

Who asked for this?

The DCEU movies are all garbage and the whole franchise needs the plug pulled immediately. For all of the success DC has with their CW network TV shows like Flash and Superwoman and their DC Universe streaming shows like Titans and Doom Patrol, their insistence on creating a Justice League movie universe to compete with Marvel’s Avengers is both arrogant and stupid.

Marvel spent years building the Avengers individually before they all appeared in a movie together. DC gave us Man of Steel and said ‘fuck it’ before shoving Batman and Wonder Woman in the second DCEU movie with no build up or background.

They were doomed the second the gave the keys to Zack Snyder, an asshole who thinks Batman should shoot and murder people because it’s ‘cool‘ even though gun violence is literally the reason he became Batman in the first place. You have people who don’t even respect the source material making these movies.

It’s the reason why that first X-Men trilogy sucks so much. The people making those movies were embarrassed about what they were creating and thought dressing all of the characters in black leather was ‘cooler’ than their colorful outfits from the comics but instead, it just stripped the X-Men of their individuality.

It’s 2019 and I could make the argument that we’ve only actually seen one truly great Batman movie ever. Outside of The Dark Knight, everything else Batman has been in has been ‘fine’ at best.

Let’s take a collective break from all things Batman for a while.

We do not need him rebooted every 3 years. Honestly, we should’ve stopped after George Clooney had bat-nipples but Warner Bros is deadset on waterboarding us this sad man. I cannot watch this kid’s parents get shot again. I refuse.

The DCEU doomed themselves when they decided to cancel Man of Steel 2 and instead they rushed out Batman v. Superman to battle with Captain America Civil War because DC thinks we just want to see a bunch of superheroes in a movie together but what we actually want is character development and proper world building.

We don’t even totally like Superman yet and the second time we see him we have to choose between him and Batman in a fight. Again, Zack Snyder sucks at this.

Stop making Batman movies. Plz. Give us like, 10 years to miss him. Supply and demand.


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