We Did It, We Bullied Howard Schultz Out of Running For President

Several months ago, Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, said he was exploring the possibility of running for president in 2020 as an independent. It immediately drew scorn from all corners of the internet.

On Friday, Schultz announced that he decided against running in a blog post on his website written as a letter to “friends.” In it, he explains his reasons for dropping out, including that “extreme voices currently dominate the national dialogue, often with a vitriol that crowds out and discourages thoughtful discussions,” perhaps a nod to the consistent mockery of his 2020 consideration. (Source)

Howard Schultz is the former CEO of Starbucks that announced he was running for president a few months ago which would have all but guaranteed Trump won the next election.

As an independent candidate—and like every independent candidate—Schultz was going to ruin this election. With so many Democratic candidates being sort of blah and uninspiring while the current president fights with a model on Twitter, Schultz would have provided nothing but another name of the ballot to take votes away from more deserving candidates who don’t have the financial resources to match his potential campaign.

And let’s be very clear, Schultz is a billionaire. He’s a republican. He wants the same exact things that Trump wants. His campaign was all a ruse to box out the Democrats for Trump to drive the lane for an easy layup and a second term.

extreme voices currently dominate the national dialogue, often with a vitriol that crowds out and discourages thoughtful discussions

We did it. We got this loser out of the paint. We were mean to him online and he ran away because he read his Twitter mentions. You never read your Twitter mentions. I assume people were still pissed at him for moving the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City Thunder so I can’t imagine how much worse his emails were when he announced he was going to run for president.

New rule: If you’re a billionaire, fuck off. You are not a leader of an entire country because you made a successful coffee franchise. There is nothing on your resume that indicates you have any business participating in politics let alone RULING A NATION.

Let’s never stop bullying assholes out of their dumb asshole ideas. Knock Howard Schultz’s lunch tray out of his hands. Stuff him in his gym locker. Smash his nerd glasses. Bully Howard Schultz forever.

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