We Can’t Let Jason Whitlock Get Away With This Nonsense

Nooooope. Nope. Arrest this man. POLICE POLICE. Nah, I know for a fact this man was bald 24 hours ago and now he’s out here on TV brushing his bangs out of his eyes. 9-1-1.

For those who are unaware of who Jason Whitlock, this crumb faced weirdo made his name by being the black guy in a room full of conservative white guys saying ‘race isn’t an issue and no one should feel bad for black athletes’.

This obese poster child for type II diabetes made his career shitting on guys like Colin Kaepernick and tap dancing for his white bosses all while wearing tacky middle school dance style fedoras over his glistening bald scalp and now he’s tying his hair in a bun. Ok.

Ah yes, after an entire adult life of being unable to grow hair, all it took was 6 months for Jason Whitlock to have more hair than Sideshow Bob.

Get this bald ‘are we sure black lives actually matter’ clown OUUUUT of here. I want this man arrested for stealing hair from an American Girl doll and stapling it the top of his head.

Any man who is bald forever and just shows up on live television with a head of hair and no mention of the procedure to attach that hair to his head is a criminal capable of anything.

Put Jason Whitlock behinds bars before someone gets hurt. This is pre-crime.

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Written by TheLesterLee

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