We Can’t Even Ride Our Bicycles Without Being Shot 20 TIMES By The Police

RIP Dijon Kizzee

In the height of nationwide awareness and focus on the issue of the police gunning down black people, there was another shooting that has gone under the radar as 29-year old Dijon Kizzee was brutally murdered riding his bike.

Yes, you can no longer even be black on a bicycle anymore. Apparently that is a death sentence is the police decides it. Of course, there have been zero details on what law Kizzie could’ve possibly broken simply riding his bike and there is nothing anyone can say to make it over for the police to have bothered him in the first place.

These are the people you guys are so desperate to defend. These ‘heroes’ who had nothing better to do than harass a guy on a bike for no reason. There were probably actual crimes occurring and 9-1-1 calls being placed but these officers thought it was a good idea to press a guy on a bike.

When the police stopped him, Kizzie hopped off his bike and ran. There was a scuffle where Kizzie allegedly punched a cop before dropping the bundle of clothes he was carrying and apparently a gun fell out of the bundle which gave these serial killers the green light they needed to open fire.

But this is the report from the police who would murder and then lie about it. So all of the grains of salt required here. It would not shock me if the gun was completely made up or planted but let’s assume all of this is true. There is zero defense for shooting someone 20 TIMES when he was minding his own damn business.

The police never had to stop a man on his bike carrying a bundle of clothes. They didn’t need to chase him. Cops never need to chase anyone. What’s the worst case scenario? They don’t arrest a guy who was illegally biking? Who gives any shits? No one would care if they just got back in their car and fucked off.

And let’s say that Dijon really did drop a gun, so what? He’s running away and he’s disarmed. The confrontation is over.

You cannot reform or retrain grown ass adults who see black people as target practice. They look at black people as wild animals that can be slaughtered with no remorse. Dijon Kizzee is dead because cops were bored and wanted to give him a hard time just hoping for it to escalate into something physical so they can feel better about their minuscule genitals.

And do not think it is a coincidence that this shooting took place a DAY before they were to vote on whether or not to wear body cameras. These disgusting pieces of trash went hunting one last time before they had to be held accountable for their future murders.

The worst part is we all know there will be zero changes made. There are never any changes made. They voted for body cams the next day so now they can tell themselves that going forward nothing like this will ever happen again and when it inevitably happens again, they’ll have some weak excuse for why their body cams happened to be shot off as they sprayed bullets into a black guy who jaywalked.

Abolish the fucking police. We keep giving them chance over and over again and they continue to abuse their power with zero consequences.

RIP Dijon Kizzee.


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